This Is How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress

//This Is How to Wear Sneakers With a Dress
  • Sneakers Paired with a Dress

We’ve all been there: You want to wear a cute new dress but are dreading having to put on painful, uncomfortable heels. This problem is a thing of the past.

Sneakers with dresses are the combination to beat. You can look stylish and be just as comfortable as if you were hanging out at home.

But people always want to know: can I pull it off? Some people think that pairing a cute dress with some athletic shoes is a fashion taboo. But actually, this combination makes up some of the best looks of recent years.

If you’re new to this trend, maybe you need some guidance. Keep reading for some tips and tricks on how to wear sneakers with a dress. You might just find your new favorite look!

Try the Monochromatic Approach

Adopting a monochrome look is a great way to embrace this fashion trend if you are new to it. This strategy will help you gain your confidence and find your rhythm. After that, you’ll be experimenting with fun colors and patterns.

The monochromatic approach is good for beginners. It lets you work sneakers into your dressier outfits without making it seem like they’re out of place. If you can match the color, the look will seem natural.

For example, try a red smock dress with red trainers. Red is a power color, so of course, you’ll look fierce. But more importantly, your tennis shoes and your dress will match perfectly!

This combination looks chic but is comfortable. It is a perfect outfit for casual get-togethers with friends. Brunch on a patio or happy hour drinks are both great times to rock the monochrome approach.

Pop of Color

But if you’re ready to throw a little contrast into your outfit, make your tennis shoes into your “pop of color.”

A pop of color is a great way to make any outfit instantly work.

If you’ve got a brightly colored pair of shoes that you have been waiting to wear, now is the time to bust them out.

Try pastel or neon-colored sneakers with a black, white, or Earth-toned midi dress. This is a perfect summer look. A strapless midi is elegant yet simple, and your brightly colored shoes will complete the outfit.

You get bonus points if you can find a dress with a little bit of the same color as your shoes. Making your accent color pop in two places is a total game-changer.

The Chunkier the Better

Chunky tennis shoes are all the rage right now. People love them because they add texture to your look in addition to being durable and comfortable.

A lot of chunky shoe brands also give you some added height. This is a miracle in the world of shoes. Finally, you can get the height you want with your dress without having to wear uncomfortable heels.

If you’re looking to break into this trending style, peruse some of the options at kickscrew. They have gorgeous chunky sneakers, as well as lots of other styles for your tennis shoes.

The chunky shoe has become more and more work appropriate. You can wear very nice office clothes with clean, stylish tennies.

Consider a sheath dress with a belt. It will look professional, and pair perfectly with some chunky sneakers. Plus, it will have heads turning in the office.

Flawless White Trainers

This is another good one for beginners wondering how to wear sneakers with a dress. Solid white tennis shoes are a great addition to any dress. They are comfortable, they are cute, and they make for a great fast-casual look.

Consider an LBD (little black dress) with some all-white high tops. Hightop shoes are great for the days you want to show just a little bit more leg.

All white tennis shoes are a great look but can require a little bit more cleaning than the average shoe. Try to save this outfit for sunny, dry days. If it’s raining or muddy, wear something else.

This is a great look for the times when you have to be out running errands, but still want to look nice. For days that go by in a whir, you’ll be dressed to get everything done–and look good, too.

Slip Ons for the Win

Slip-ons are a great compromise between full-on tennies and dress shoes.

For the most part, they are flat and casual. Oftentimes they take the place of sandals in an outfit.

But whereas sandals give you a beachy, summery vibe, slip-ons will give you an air of sophistication. You won’t be able to resist this cute and classy addition to your outfit.

Try slip-on shoes with a nice denim dress. This is a perfect look for school or work.

Jordans or High Tops

Do you prefer to rock some Jordans more than high heels? If so, you’re in luck. Athletic shoes like these can definitely pair with a dress.

Consider a tube dress. Something short and tight that makes you look good while giving you a full range of motion. These pair well with Jordans or other similar shoes.

The look it creates is a great mix of flirty and functional. You look amazing and your feet are comfortable. But most importantly, you feel good, too!

This look is great for parties or for the dance floor. Is there anything worse than dancing all night in heels? After wearing tennis shoes instead, you probably won’t ever want to switch back.

Be Yourself

The most important takeaway from this article is that being yourself is the most stylish thing ever. If wearing sneakers with your dresses makes you feel good, then you owe it to yourself to rock that look.

Hopefully, now you have an idea of how to wear sneakers with a dress. The above tips and tricks can serve as inspiration for your future fashion endeavors.

But by all means, feel free to experiment! If it feels good, it looks good.

Fashion is limitless. Go and find the perfect pair of tennis shoes to wear with your dresses today!

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