No one can determine a universal definition of success, it’s virtually impossible. Everyone has their own set of goals and things to strive for, however, these are not identical for every single person. Thriving in a career and knowing how to thrive at work are things that everyone wants. Surely, everyone desires to be good at their job, right? To not only favour themselves and their employees, but to set out on a career that will shape their identity and future self.

Whilst I, unfortunately, cannot give you a step by step guide on how to thrive at work, I can certainly present you with a few things to think about when it comes to flourishing in your desired career path.

Only you have the power in your hands to change your everyday life and your ability to further your career. Here are a few things that may help you do just that.

How To Thrive At Work

#1. Have an open mind

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Never make presumptions. Rid yourself of those expectations. Enter your career or new job role with a fresh slate. Even if you are already in the career you desire and know how to thrive at work, never assume the future, take each day as it comes along and focus on the day ahead.

Quite often we blind ourselves with the end goal, which whilst important, we neglect the short term tasks that require success along the way. Focus on now and that way you can ensure your accomplished perfection.

#2. Be adaptable

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Be able to match to your surroundings at ease. Never show that you are nervous. Instead, show that you thrive in a new setting. Sometimes, things are sprung unexpectedly on us. This can be moving away from home or being separated from a loved one, but remember that those two things will still be there on your return.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, show that your adaptable nature is an attribute that your employer will love about you and the rest will come with ease in time.

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#3. Be able to work independently

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Another skill for you to thrive at work is to demonstrate that you can work successfully on your own and with very limited instructions, without having to depend on, all the time, on somebody else.

This will mean your employer will trust you with some of the most important tasks which you can take under your belt and complete to the finest standard.

#4. Be able to work in a team

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Although working independently is of significant importance, it is also equally important that you can work in a group. This is your chance to demonstrate your levels of communication, your ability to share new ideas and, in some cases, embracing your area of ownership to combine with others and contribute to the success of the overall team.

This is a great skill to use if you want to thrive at work.

#5. Perfect your presentation skills

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This is one of the most daunting tasks in any area of life, but once you have perfected it, you will never look back. This is a skill that you can apply to many areas of life and is a major player in your attempt to stand out from the crowd. Be sure to make it count.

#6. Be willing to contribute new ideas

thrive at work

Don’t be shy. Sometimes you think of things that others would never have in their wildest dreams. Imagine if your one idea could change the way things run, for the better, and you kept it all to yourself.

If you were working solely in a business for yourself, of course, you would keep oversharing to a minimum, but when you work within a company this could be your key contributor to yours and it’s success.

#7. Take chances

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Most people think that taking chances within the workplace is absurd. Think again. Sometimes you have to place yourself on the firing line and take responsibility in order to get where you want and more often than not does it pay off.

#8. Take feedback and learn from it

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Feedback is both positive and constructive. Even if you receive feedback that is often hurtful, remember, it is up to you to change it. Quiz whoever is providing this feedback in order for you to understand how you can change. Taking changes on board is crucial if you want to thrive at work.


#9. Make sure you are on a career path you absolutely love

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Don’t waste time in a job that you hate. Set yourself out on a career you LOVE. A job is something you perhaps do to pay the bills, or perhaps give yourself a purpose, however, a career sets the path out for your future self and your key route to achieving your goals.

#10. Always keep your own personal goals in mind

thrive at work

You are the most important person you should focus on. When working for someone, of course, you intend to do whatever pleases them and favours the company, but being at peace with yourself, knowing you are well on your way to achieving your own goals, is the most important thing needed to thrive at work and in your career.

Thriving in a career isn’t a map of success that you can lay out, but there are steps there to help you out. Embracing these 10 ways to thrive at work will bring you self-happinesses, career satisfaction and your chance to flourish. Make sure you kill it!

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