The Ultimate Home Improvement Checklist That Every Woman Needs in Her Life

//The Ultimate Home Improvement Checklist That Every Woman Needs in Her Life
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You will gain back almost all the money you spend on home improvement just by simply increasing the property value of your home. What this means is if you’re smart about your home improvement, you can be seriously rewarded.

You don’t have to renovate every room of your home to recoup costs. Simple home maintenance helps to retain your property value and keep everything in working order.

A well-kept home is easier to sell or use for a collateral loan.

Where do you start? As you inventory the tasks that need to be done around the house, you might start to feel overwhelmed. Take a second, breathe deep, and make a list. Better yet, check out this home improvement checklist and get started.

Home Improvement Checklist

Spreading out the tasks throughout the year makes it easier to keep current. Separate your tasks by week, month, and then season.

General home repair and maintenance is good to do at any time of the year, but certain periods are more suited for some repairs.

Weekly Home Repair Checklist

Every week should contain some general cleaning. Sweep around your house and keep the yard and driveways clean.

The best method for a weekly schedule is to tackle a room or set of rooms every day. Clean the kitchen on Monday, the bathrooms on Tuesdays, and so on until the end of the week comes and you’re sitting in a tidy house.

Monthly Home Repair Checklist

For your monthly home maintenance checklist, you’ll want to customize it based on where you live and your family style. If you live in a place with harsh winters, you may not want to clean your gutters in January.

Some of the monthly items include washing all of the bedding, defrosting and cleaning your refrigerator, and getting to all the hard-to-reach areas. Cleaning out your pantry and improving your food storage will go a long way to keeping the kitchen clean.

Create this list based on your home. If you have a garage or basement, add the organization of them to one of the months. If you have a lot of kids that love to scuff up the walls, add a bit of touching up to a month.

Yearly Home Repair Checklist

Your yearly duties are primarily spent doing tasks that help prevent major expenses on emergency repairs.

Once a year at least you, or a professional, should inspect your air conditioning and water heater. These are things that get a lot of use in your home and if they fail you could be spending a hefty sum.

It’s easy to forget about your roof. If ignored, serious problems can occur, and tough roofing repairs are a nightmare you definitely want to avoid.

Breathe Easier in a Maintained Home

Having a well-kept and maintained home makes it easier to relax. Knowing what you’ll be doing every week and every month may take a lot of stress off of your plate.

Your property value and your family will be very grateful and they can certainly help out with your home improvement checklist.

With the cleaning and maintenance taken care of, spend the time and extra money you saved and check out some home renovation ideas to further improve your home.

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