The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Couples Necklaces and Jewelry

//The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Couples Necklaces and Jewelry
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Long before the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (AKA Prince Harry and Meghan Markle) exchanged wedding bands, they were spotted wearing matching jewelry.

Couples necklaces are a romantic tradition to honor and celebrate the love in a relationship. Matching necklaces for couples reminds us of the fierce love we had as kids as we exchanged BFF rings and necklaces.

We’ve gathered a variety of ideas to get you started. Read on.

Interlocking Pendants

This is the classic and most popular type of couples necklaces.

Each half interlocks with the other half to make a whole picture. They are usually worn on a chain but can also go on a key ring.

There are so many options to choose from that you are sure to find something that speaks to your unique relationship.

For example, you can choose connecting puzzle pieces with an engraving. Or subtle round half discs that connect to form a whole circle.

Each half does not half to be identical either. A timeless metaphor for love is the key to each other’s heart. Why not celebrate that love with an interlocking key and heart pendant?

If you are looking for something that is both masculine and feminine, consider a dog tag with a shape cut out from it. A dog tag with a heart cutout for him and a small, delicate heart for her.

A Venn diagram necklace shows how two complete and separate individuals come together to make something brand new a beautiful message of two souls merging together to create something unique.

You can choose whatever shape speaks to you as a couple: a star, a puzzle, a compass, an anchor, a cross. The possibilities are endless.

These interlocking pendants are usually made out of metal which means that you can personalize them even more with an engraving. Your anniversary, your first date or kiss or your initials are all possible.

The best thing about interlocking couples necklaces is that one necklace will never be complete without the other half. Think of all the cute photos you could take of the necklaces connected.


One of the earliest confirmed examples of a locket with a picture in it was a locket ring that belonged to Queen Elizabeth I. The ring dated to the year 1575 was engraved with a portrait of herself on one side and Anne Boleyn, her mother, on the opposite side.

Queen Elizabeth cherished the ring and is rumored to have never taken it off her hand. People say that only after she died was the locket removed from her finger.

Lockets tell a story and keep a secret. This type of couples necklace is a nice way to always have the picture of your love with you always.

But that’s not all. Lockets are tiny treasure boxes that can hold a few grains of sand from your honeymoon or a love note.

Lockets are good choices for those who prefer to keep their love story private and close to your heart.

Secret Messages

Like lockets, there are various ways you can enjoy couples necklaces without being ostentatious.

For example, heartbeat rhythms look abstract and are deeply romantic.

These buck and doe necklaces are surprisingly discreet. When placed together, they form a heart. Isn’t that the sweetest? If you are Harry Potter fans, we’ll say it, don’t these look just like the patronus of James and Lily Potter?

We love the long metal look to this 3D necklace. Add a secret message and we’re hooked. Spell out a name, a date or a simple I love you.

If you guys are all about the outdoors, how about a morse code necklace? As most people can’t read morse code, you could declare your undying love loudly while still keeping it secret. This romantic necklace would be a perfect anniversary or wedding present.

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Minimalist Couples Necklaces

If you want something that is discrete and that only you two know the meaning behind, consider matching necklaces that don’t interlock.

If you’re not into hearts and monograms check out these copper necklaces. They are minimalistic and perfect for him or her. Plus they are super easy on the eyes and could be go with casual and dressed up attire.

Another option is a hand-stamped necklace that doesn’t interlock but does go together.

For example a set of arrows that point at each other when you stand side by side. Arrows are so in right now that no one will suspect they are a couple necklace.

Another choice is a vertical bar with your significant other’s birthstone. This is understated and yet highly personal.

If you prefer beads and organic materials, why not go for matching beaded necklaces. You can choose different colours of the same necklace and still match.The best part about this type of couples matching necklace is that you can choose the beads that are meaningful to you.

Jade represents passion, love and abundance. Moonstone is strongly connected to the moon and intuition. If moonlight is significant to you (moonlit first date or wedding ceremony perhaps?) then this choice of bead is perfect.

A rose quartz has a soft pink colour and is known as the gem of unconditional love.

With so many beads and so many meanings, it would be a fun activity to string your own matching necklaces at an artisan bead shop. This way you not only choose the meaning but handcrafted the necklaces yourselves.

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Final Thoughts

We hope you have a ton of ideas of couples necklaces that would be perfect for you and your eternal love. The best thing is that there are so many options that is it possible to select a pair that capture the essence of your special relationship.

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