8 Awesome Green Cleaning Products

//8 Awesome Green Cleaning Products
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While a clear two-thirds of all people will spend some time doing some spring cleaning this year, not every one of them will be excited about it. Because of the scents of the products or the need to wear gloves for every task, it’s hard to feel motivated. With some clever and homemade green cleaning products, you could find new motivation in cleaning your house.

If you want to know about some clever ways to make your own cleaning products or to go all natural, check out these 8 options.

1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural and reliable household solution for many types of cleaning. Its chemical makeup of sodium bicarbonate occurs naturally and can be used outside of baking.

It has a natural chemical reaction when mixed with water or hydrogen peroxide for getting out stains. It can be used as a natural deodorizer. Sprinkle it on carpets and vacuum it up to take out animal scents. Add a box to the corner of a musty room to absorb the smell.

It sits in the back of many peoples’ refrigerators to absorb scents and unwanted odors.

2. White Vinegar

Vinegar is naturally occurring as well and has lots of great natural benefits. It can be used to fight bacteria and mildew that grow in the corners of your home. It’s great for bathtubs, pet messes, and around the kitchen.

Vinegar and water is a great mix to spray when pets make a mess or you want to get rid of some mold that might be growing. Its always good to keep a bottle under the sink for when disaster strikes.

It can clean all manners of surfaces including glass and steel.

3. Castile Soap

Concentrated vegetable-based soaps, known as Castile soaps, are made of natural ingredients that you could find at most shops. They are non-abrasive and can work wonders on dirt and grease.

One of the most popular brands, Dr. Bronner’s, is known for its off the wall proclamations and faith-based quotations on the bottle.

Castile soap is pet-friendly, laundry friendly, and even body friendly. You can clean up just about everything with it and not worry about any kind of toxic scares. Because they’re made from natural ingredients, you won’t need to call poison control if you get some on you.

If you hire a company like Green Maids & Co., you can rest assured that they’ll be using lots of products like castile soap. They prioritize natural cleaning products and practical solutions to cleaning.

4. Lemons and Citrus

Lemon-scented cleaners are popular for a reason. It’s because they can make your home smell great after you clean with them. But few people realize they could be cleaning with lemons themselves.

These fruits have all kinds of anti-septic powers and can fight lots of unwanted germs and bacteria. They can be used to clean counters and remove sticky substances. If you’ve got a label that just won’t come off of a jar, lemons are the answer.

If you add a little bit of a lemon or lime peel to your vinegar cleanser, you’ll have a really fresh smelling cleaner to use around your house. You can even use lemons as a whitening agent for linens.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a great product to keep around your house. It’s great for any sort of cut or scratch as it can clean dirty wounds immediately and naturally. The bubbling occurs when it comes into contact with contaminants so you know its working.

Peroxide has great cleaning properties as well. Mixed with baking soda, it’s great for getting the sweat stains out of old shirts. You can get chocolate, blood, or wine out with a little bit of peroxide.

You should keep some around for both these practical reasons. It’s cheap and takes several years to become inert.

6. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is actually a great cleaning solution. When you need to clean off old electronics or add a shine to glass, alcohol is the trick.

Vodka is a great substitute for rubbing alcohol as well. You can use it to kill odors and to freshen fabrics. It’s a fantastic antiseptic and can be used in many cleaning recipes.

Vodka works wonders when you’ve got to clean stainless steel.

7. Olive Oil

While olive oil is one of the most expensive oils to cook with, a cheaper olive oil to keep under the sink will come in handy. It’s great for old furniture and dusty surfaces. If the finish is coming off of your furniture, add a little bit of olive oil to a rag and rub it into the area.

It’s a great facial cleanser as well because it moisturizes your skin and seals open pores where otherwise dirt or grime might get in.

Use olive oil as a carrier oil for your essential oils as well.

8. Water

You know that water is essential to good health, but that can go for your cleaning your home as well. One of the most obvious elements of your natural cleaning tool kit, water, or better yet, distilled water is extremely versatile. Water that’s free of impurities or any kinds of contaminants can clean just about any surface.

Water with contaminants has the potential to increase bacteria and mold growth. Without those contaminants, it can wash anything away.

Keep distilled water around to add to your sprays and mixtures. The water that comes from your tap could be just contaminated enough to ruin your cleaning recipes.

Green Cleaning Products Don’t Have To Be Made

While many of these green cleaning products can be made at home, the popularity of green cleaning combined with the busyness of life means many are in stores. You can walk into several stores in any city in the world and find a bunch of products that aren’t much more than these products pre-mixed. If you’re in a real hurry, this could be the way to go.

If cleaning your home is all about living your best life, be sure to check out our other tips on how to get there.

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