The Top 5 Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2019

//The Top 5 Smart Washer and Dryer Sets of 2019
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Your phone, your laptop, and even your washing machine can connect to the internet these days.

Upgrading your home to a smart washer and dryer is the next step in living a connected lifestyle.

What do you need to look for in terms of functionality and features?

Using one of the picks in this article will help you see what a major convenience it is to have smart appliances. Check out our five selections below.

1. Samsung High-Efficiency AddWash Front Loading Washer

The Samsung High-Efficiency AddWash Front Loading Washer figures among the best washers and dryers. The new technology featured in this washer that isn’t customarily available is the patented AddWash functionality that features in only a select few Samsung washers and dryers.

The AddWash feature is a small little side door wherein you can add in some forgotten items to the wash even after the cycle has started. Obviously, this feature has significant benefits.

Not only do you get your wash done faster, but not having to repeat the cycle for the forgotten item(s) means water and electricity savings. That may not be overly significant for just a single cycle, but when you consider the lifetime of the washer, those savings really do add up.

The washer gets done in just 36 minutes and can be controlled and monitored from anywhere on your phone.

2. LG 12-Cycle Front Loading Washer

This LG 12-Cycle Front Loading Washer will really tickle the fancy of a particular subset of this article’s readers: those who hate ironing.

This washer’s secret is a built-in steam functionality that penetrates all the fabric inside it. Not only do you get a better, deeper clean, but your clothes also come out of the dryer far less wrinkled than with another standard washer.

In addition to that, with the LG Sidekick (sold separately), you can also wash very small loads without wasting a significant amount of water and electricity.

3. Kenmore Elite 41982 Washer

The Kenmore Elite 41982 Washer is one of the best smart appliances on the market. It boasts a level of connectivity that allows you to set start and end times far in advance.

That way, when you’re getting home from a long day at work, you have warm, just-dried and just-washed clothes ready and waiting for you when you step out of the shower!

With a load capacity of 5.2 cubic feet, this certainly isn’t a small unit. If you need help with removal and installation, click here.

4. Whirlpool WED8700EC Dryer

The Whirlpool WED8700EC Dryer clocks in with a massive volume rating of 8.2 cubic feet.

Whirlpool’s smart appliances in this category feature the Laundry Alerts functionality, which allows you to set precise times for your laundry to stop and start.

It also enables the unit to self-learn how to be the most energy-efficient appliance in your home. This adds up to easy energy savings in the long term.

5. LG DLE7200WE Dryer

The LG DLE7200WE Dryer boasts a door that opens and shuts along two different angles. For those among us with bad back issues who find leaning over to get laundry in and out a pain, this could be the perfect option for you.

This unit is one of the most energy-efficient dryers on the market, though it may not be the biggest.

Pick the Right Smart Washer and Dryer for You

If you choose one of the smart washer and dryer options mentioned in this article, you’re sure to make a good purchase.

Whenever you do decide what you’d like to buy, do your research and find out all you can before buying.

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