The Different Types of Swimming Pools You Can Build in Your Garden

//The Different Types of Swimming Pools You Can Build in Your Garden
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There comes a time when we’re so over heading to the local swimming pool to do our daily laps or laze around on rubber rings. 

Swimming pools are a great way to add real estate to your home, keep you fit, and give you an excuse to throw a crazy pool party.

And with so many types of swimming pools available, there’ll be one to fit your needs and stay within your budget.  Ready? Let’s dive in.

1. Above-Ground Pools

Out of the different types of pools, above-ground pools are for those who don’t want to break the bank.  It also means your pool isn’t fixed so you can take it with you when you move and is compatible with a range of terrain like rocky areas.

You can even add decking around and it’ll still be cheaper than an in-ground swimming pool.  These pools are usually circular or rectangular with rounded edges made from vinyl-lined or fiberglass composites.     

One disadvantage about above-ground pools is their design limitations especially if you have a vision you just can’t shake.

2. Concrete In-Ground Swimming Pools 

These types of pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  The deck surrounding the pool is concrete, but it’s possible to get vinyl-lined in-ground pools if you need to stay within budget.

The beauty of concrete swimming pools is that you can craft your dream design and watch it come to life.  You can even add features like beach entries and rockeries to improve the aesthetic.

And if you’re bored with concrete-grey, you can polish them with stylish ceramic tiles or multicolored quartz.  Just ask a reputable pool construction company to help you decide on the best pool option for you.

3. Fiber Glass Composite

If you want a pool with easy maintenance, you’re on Team Fiberglass.  Thanks to their porous surface, they’re easy to clean and won’t support algae growth, unlike concrete pools.

Fiberglass is also quicker to install as it’s manufactured in advance and comes in an array of shapes, colors, and finishes.

4. Vinyl-Lined Pools

Your pool’s lining should align with your desired shape and design.  Vinyl-lined swimming pools are cheaper to install than concrete and fiberglass but note that the frequent liner replacement adds up
In the long term, this could cost more than a fiberglass pool and liner is prone to support algae growth.

5. Natural Pools

Want to bring the majestic lifestyle of Bali home?

Consider natural swimming pool designs that blend swimming areas with water gardens.  Since the 1980s, these self-cleaning pools let you create a dreamy landscape of gushing waterfalls and a deck surrounded by your favorite flowers.

Or you can adopt a more sleek and elegant approach if you prefer modern swimming pools.  Most natural pools are lined with rubber or polyethylene and the organic cleaning system thanks to aquatic landscaping.

4. Lap Pool

You don’t care about aesthetics, you just want somewhere you can tear through laps each morning before work.  Lap swimming pools are long, narrow and exceed 50-feet.

They are rectangular which is useful as you can build them on narrow lots. 

5. Olympic Size-Pool

Not everyone has the luxury of space for an Olympic-size pool but if you’re an avid swimmer, this could be for you.  Why not have an Olympic Games watching party by your pool when the swimming is on?

There’s no better way for swimming fanatics to pay homage to their favorite sport.

6. Plunge Pool

This is another one of the fitness-related pool types to consider.  Plunge swimming pools are small and colder than your regular swimming pool.   Plunge pools date back thousands of years, where Ancient Romans and Chinese medicine reaped the health benefits of these cold-water pools. 

Nowadays, many swimmers and athletes believe taking a dip in cold water after an intense workout or sauna session has therapeutic benefits.

If you’re interested in adding one to your garden, you can either keep it separate or attach one to a larger in-ground pool.  Be sure to caution guests before they dive in!

7. Saltwater Pool

Whether you’re tired of chlorine, stinging your eyes or you want to experiment, saltwater pools are becoming a common option.

Note that there is a small dose of chlorine, saltwater pools contain 10 times less salt than the ocean and are less harsh on your hair, eyes, and skin.

In chlorinated pools, we add chlorine tablets or granules regularly.  Saltwater pools instead get cleaned using a salt-chlorine generator which uses electricity to turn salt into chlorine, cleaning the pool.

8. Spool

No, not a spool of thread, but a mix between a ‘spa’ and ‘pool’!  During the Recession, many homeowners wanted custom-built spools as they didn’t have the extra cash or space for a larger pool.  Spools are great for relaxing and entertaining, using it to soak and cool off on hot days.  

Which Types of Swimming Pools Are Your Favorite?

Luckily for pool-lovers, there are many types of swimming pools to choose from.  Whether it’s a sprawling natural pool for the aesthetics to an ice-cold plunge pool for health benefits, each has unique characteristics.

And if you’re planning to move or don’t want to break the bank, consider an above-the-ground pool so you can cool off in the summer months and dismantle it, if necessary.  Just keep swimming!

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