The Different Types of Mattresses: A Complete Guide

//The Different Types of Mattresses: A Complete Guide
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Did you know that sleep quality can affect your mental health? If you’re in the market for a new mattress, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over the different types of mattresses to consider.

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SomniGel Mattress

Some people prefer the feel of sinking into a memory foam mattress. Others prefer the opposite sensation. A SomniGel mattress can provide this sensation.

If you want a mattress that bounces back fast when you release pressure, look for this gel foam mattress.

SomniGel mattresses disperse heat. You will sleep more comfortably and won’t get overheated. There are hollow columns in the mattress that allows for better airflow.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam’s found in mattresses and pillows. It will conform to the contours of your body and provides pain relief for people with achy joints.

Memory foam is a heat-activated material. The material will soften in response to your temperature.

If you get cold at night when you sleep, memory foam might be a good option.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring is one of the most common and oldest designs of mattresses. Innerspring was first created in 1857.

The models use a steel coil support system. This system provides support to the sleeper. The coils get arranged in two ways, either individually wrapped or connected.

With a connected design, coils feed into one unit, so the bed has a bouncier feel. You’ll feel any movement your partner makes because the coils respond as one unit.

In an individually wrapped design, coils will function independently from each other. When you sleep in this bed, you won’t feel the bounce if your partner moves around.

The coils get covered by upholstery or padding to provide comfort and support. If an innerspring model has tons of coils, the mattress will provide a lot of support.

Innerspring mattresses can collect dust, allergens, and mold over time. You can combat these issues by washing bedding in hot water. Use an electric blanket to help diminish humidity.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrids combine the memory foam technology with an innerspring core. This way, you’ll have a mattress that provides comfort, durability, and support.

Stand-alone pocketed coil technology gets used in a hybrid design. The sleeper won’t experience motion transfer at night.

The mattress has a traditional shape compared to the low profile in memory foam mattresses.

With this mattress, you’ll get the hypoallergenic benefits. The layer of memory foam will resist mold, mildew, and dust mites.

Latex Mattress

Years ago, Latex mattresses were out of reach for the average working person.

Yet, technology brought the price down. Latex mattresses are affordable and remain a high-quality option.

Latex mattresses get made from petroleum-based or plant-based materials.

If you want a natural mattress, get a certified organic latex mattress. These mattresses are a popular choice among the eco-conscious crowd.

Also, the resilient material offers similar support that you get from memory foam.

The material provides a comfortable surface, keeping pressure off of shoulders and hips. The sleeper will remain in a proper alignment.

Do you sleep with someone who moves a lot? Consider this option. Latex will suppress the motion. You aren’t as likely to feel their movements when they toss and turn. You’ll both have a better sleep.

Adjustable Air Mattress

Air mattresses are well-loved by campers because they provide a fantastic sleeping experience.

Yet, innovations have allowed people to bring air technology into their bedroom. You can fill your mattress with different firmness levels.

The air chamber’s covered by upholstery and padding materials. It can include latex or memory foam.

Some air beds come with a remote control so you can change the firmness.

The air mattress has different air chambers so that you can adjust each side of the bed differently. You can customize the sleep experience for other people who share the bed.

Air beds are one of the most expensive options.

Natural Fiber Mattress

Natural fiber mattresses get created with natural fibers instead of manufactured products. You’ll have a variety of materials to choose from, and the cost will vary.

When you invest in a natural fiber mattress, you’re choosing an eco-conscious option. Most of the natural fibers don’t get created with chemicals. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint with this option.

When shopping for mattresses, look for the official Greenguard certification mark.

There are different types of natural materials to consider. Get natural fiber mattresses that include hemp, bamboo, organic wool, or organic cotton. An organic cotton mattress could last up to 15 years.

If you want an eco-conscious option check out an avocado mattress.

Adjustable Beds

Consider looking into an adjustable bed. You can make adjustments to accommodate different needs.

Some people like to work in bed. You can move your bed so you can sit comfortably and work on your laptop. Raise your feet, elevate your head, or get more back support.

People who suffer from snoring, back pain, or sinus pressure might benefit from this kind of bed. You can target sleep-related issues like acid reflux, heartburn, or sleep apnea.

Some adjustable beds have a massage option. You can get a back massage and relax after a long day.

Now You Know About Different Types of Mattresses

We hope this guide on mattresses was helpful. Consider these different types of mattresses. Think about what one would work best.

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