Sunday Photo: Fear

//Sunday Photo: Fear

Hello to another Sunday Photo!

I do not know about you, but I am blessed to spent this day with my family at the country side, chilling on a warm and soft sofa while writing this. But sometimes, being blessed or even feeling happy and relaxed will not make the fear go away. And we fear for lots of things: we fear of not being accepted by others, not being loved, fear of losing money or not having enough money, fear of becoming ill, fear of wasting our life, fear of success, fear of failure, fear for other’s health, fear we are not enough, we are not beautiful enough, smart enough, skinny enough and the list is endless.


What strikes me the most is that 90% of all our fear exist only in our head, things have not even happened yet, but we are frightened already. It is like we are preparing ourselves for a future we are predicting. A little bit ironic, isn’t it? And if we are, why wouldn’t we predict a wonderful future for ourselves? Why predicting THIS fearful future?


How many times you have felt that you are wasting an outfit, hairstyle, makeup on an insignificant day? I must be frank, I did it hundreds of times and now I wonder ‘Who told me that day was insignificant?’ Because every second of every minute of every day I am wasting or living my life and i will never know which one will be my last one, so why would it be insignificant?

I will leave you with a set of quotes and i hope you will find out how ridiculous some of your fear are and you will be able to conquer them and rise above.

Have yourself a beautiful Sunday and a blessed new week!

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