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Wearing flowers in your hair isn’t a new look. In fact, this look is associated with wreaths which have been traced back to ancient ceremonies.

But, how do we bring an old tradition to the modern day without it looking old-fashioned?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to wear flowers in your hair which are easy to pull off. Let’s look at a few tips for choosing the best flowers.

We also have three beautiful hairstyling ideas to make sure you get the best look whether you want something simple or extravagant…

1. Choose Your Flowers Carefully

Before you even get started with how to wear your flowers, you need to choose the right flowers for your look.

Of course, your flower choice is dependent on what you are wearing. Do the colors work together?

Some popular options for flowers in your hair include:

  • Eucalyptus – add a spot of green with this leaf.
  • Lavender – this flower has a long stem and beautiful color.
  • Small spray roses – this is a classy choice.
  • Hypericum Berries – provides a festive look to any head garment or outfit.
  • Peony – this flower looks fresh and charming.
  • Daisy – remind yourself of long childhood by stringing daisies together to form a crown.
  • Carnations – this is the perfect statement piece for a flower style to wear at a wedding. Think classic and beautiful.

This list continues but speaking with your local florist is a great way to get further ideas. You should be wary though of flowers to avoid. For example, lilies.

These flowers may look great but they stain your clothes and will be a messy choice. Choose fake lilies if you’re set on this flower.

There is no right or wrong option for the flowers you wear in your hair. Choose something which you like and which goes with your outfit and you’re good to go!

Still not sure? Learn more about which flowers to choose with Flora 2000.

2. Top Tip: Chill Your Flowers in the Fridge

If you’ve bought your flowers in advance of wearing them, make sure you keep them in the fridge.

This will ensure that they stay fresh for longer and are looking blooming beautiful when you’re ready to put them in your hair.

3. Keep it Simple with a Baby’s Breath Branch

Ensure your look is fresh and sweet with a little baby breath in your hair. You can pick up baby’s breath easily either from your garden or florist.

This white flower works perfectly with most outfits. However, consider wearing blush or pastel colors for a truly pulled together, delightful look.

You’ll need to consider where to wear the baby’s breath. Try having one branch close to the top of your head, facing vertically. Then, have another, shorter flower on the other side. Use pins to fasten the flowers in place.

Of course, this look may not suit everyone. Try a few different hairstyles with the flower before you commit to this style on an evening.

4. Choose Two Types of Flowers for a Low Bun

If you’re interested in a subtle and understated flower arrangement in your hair, try a couple of flowers at the back of your head.

By fashioning a few flowers underneath a low bun, you have an effortless appearance which is chic and colorful. However, it’s not too “in your face”.

For this style, you can incorporate a few larger flowers too as they’ll sit beautifully under a messy bun. Again, pick colors which work with your outfit.

5. Flower Crowns are Perfect Festival Headgear

This is the out there option which will get heads turning to look at you as you saunter past looking gorgeous.

Flower crowns have become associated with festivals such as Coachella. But, there’s no reason they can’t be donned during other occasions.

You’ll need to get crafty in order to create your own stunning flower crown. Here are a few of our tips:

  1. Before you start buying flowers, get some wire, string, scissors, and floral tape.
  2. Plan your outfit so you can buy flowers to match.
  3. Take a photo of what you’re wearing and take it with you to the florists to color match.
  4. Buy the flowers which work best with your outfit – ask for help if you need it.
  5. At home, shape the wire so it fits comfortably around your head.
  6. Start by adding green leaves to your wire using your tape and extra wire if necessary.
  7. Make small flower arrangements and tie these together before adding them to your flower crown.
  8. Remember to periodically try on your crown to make sure it is stunning yet also comfortable.
  9. Make sure none of the wire is showing and then pop your crown into the fridge for safe-keeping.
  10. Just before you wear the crown, make sure to spray a little water on it so it looks fresh.

Work out what look you are trying to go for with your flower crown and create a few different options (if you’re enjoying the process!)

6. Make Sure to Take Lots of Photos While Your Flowers are Fresh

That beautiful headwear won’t be looking so fresh for long. Make sure to enjoy your day and get lots of pictures to look back on.

Chopping and changing the flowers you choose can help you create a very different vibe or look. Get stuck in to work out what looks best for you then, when it’s ready, turn a few heads (of people who may also take your photo!)

When you’ve taken hundreds of photos, find your faves to post online. Your new hairstyle will definitely be Instagram worthy.

Flowers in Your Hair can Look Chic and Elegant

Tempted to try the flowers in your hair look out yourself? The best thing you can do is buy a few flowers, try out a few new looks and have fun in advance.

If there’s a style which you love, great! Practice doing this in the mirror a few times and then wear it out. You’ll definitely look high-fashion and glam.

Want more beauty tips for ways to wear your hair? Check out our beauty section for more inspiration.

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