Stop Doing That! 5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Stressing You Out

//Stop Doing That! 5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Stressing You Out
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It’s a new year, and with it comes new goals and resolutions. The early days of January can be stressful as you try to achieve more things.

It’s important to be patient with yourself if you’re feeling stressed and try to evaluate where that stress might be coming from. Once you know what is stressing you, you can stop doing that thing.

This article will teach you five common stressors you might not have realized were in your life.

1. Hanging Out With Negative People

We all have that friend who seems to think every day is doomsday.

There is always something wrong in their life and they feel the need to unload it on you.

This is very unhealthy for your psyche. You need to set boundaries with friends like these and remind them that you’re not their therapist. You should lend an ear to your friends, but only to the point where you’re comfortable.

Too much negativity can be toxic and stressful. It will start causing you to focus on the negative in your life, and nobody needs that.

2. Too Much Screen Time

Most iPhones these days have screentime monitors that will help you keep track of how often you’re using your phone. Keep these numbers in mind and set limits for yourself.

Many of us spend 8 hours a day looking at a computer for work. If you add on television and recreational phone use, that means almost all of your waking hours are spent looking at screens.

This behavior will cause your eyes and mind stress. You need to set time away to unplug from your phone and relax.

3. A Messy Desk

You need to purge your workspace of things you no longer need in order to maintain a clear mind. When you have trash and outdated papers stuck in your desk, they take up space in your mind.

You will have a more difficult time finding things and this will cause extra stress. Take a day to unclutter your desk at home and the office.

4. No Alone Time

Even extroverts need some time to themselves every once in a while. If you’re spending 24/7 around people you’re going to be stressed and manic.

You need time to yourself to align your priorities and practice self-care. Give yourself permission to cancel plans and stay at home with your feet propped up, totally by yourself.

5. Eating Junk Food

It might feel relaxing to eat junk food, but it will hurt you in the end. Foods that are high in sugar and fat cause your blood sugar to spike and your mood to worsen. 

Replace obsessive eating with a healthy diet and exercise. Try not to use food as your haven for a stressful life. 

Now You Know to Stop Doing That Stressful Thing

You’re now more equipped to stop doing that thing that is causing your stress. Remember to set up boundaries for your social life, spend time alone, and eat healthy foods. 

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