7 Cute Makeup Looks to Have in 2020

//7 Cute Makeup Looks to Have in 2020
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With a new year, comes lots of new and exciting makeup looks that you can try out! Makeup trends are constantly changing and always adding new and exciting things to your look. 

If you’re looking for the biggest trends that the top makeup artists will be doing in 2020, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Keep reading for our guide to seven cute makeup looks to have in 2020. 

1. More Pastels

In 2020, you will find that experimenting with fun colors in your makeup look will be a huge hit. Apply a wonderful pastel color all of your lids however you want! You won’t even need to use a brush as you won’t want this look to be super precise.  

2. Minimal Is Better

Sometimes we don’t have the time to do a full makeup look every single day. In 2020, you will find that minimal makeup is better and it is great for people who work every day. Try to focus on a bit of concealer, mascara, and bold brows if you’re going for a minimal makeup look. 

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3. Blush For Your Lids

Another huge trend this year will be using the perfect blush for your eyelids. You can use blush all the way from your lid up to your brow bone for the perfect blushed lid. Colors like amber, coral, and even pinks are going to be great for this makeup look. 

4. Natural Lashes

One awesome thing we will be doing in 2020 is embracing the natural lashes we have. Bold lashes still look very pretty but this year you can embrace your natural lash and just enhance them with your favorite mascara. This look has already been seen on lots of high fashion runways and it isn’t going anywhere. 

5. Put a Little Bit of Glitter in Your Life

Glitter is going to be a huge trend in 2020 but not too much. Using pops of glitter will totally change the way you do your makeup every day and make it more interesting. You could do a bit of glitter eyeliner, or even some glitter under your eyes. You could use glitter on literally any part of your face

6. Glowy Looks

Another great makeup trend if you’re not looking for going all out is just looking glowy with lots of pretty highlighters. This is a very minimalist look that will achieve a dewy innocent makeup look. Make sure to add a bit of blush or bronzer so you don’t look robotic. 

7. Bold Lips

In 2020, bold lips will be a huge trend. Whether you’re going to do a bright red or a bold berry you’re going to want to expand your lipstick collection. The best part of the bold lip is that it should be the focus of your makeup look so don’t go overboard when it comes to your eyes. 

Cute Makeup Looks For 2020

This year is going to bring lots of awesome cute makeup looks that you can try for pretty much any occasion. Make sure to experiment and see what you feel confident in. 

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