Skip the Coffee Table Books: The Best Board Games for Adults to Play and Display

//Skip the Coffee Table Books: The Best Board Games for Adults to Play and Display
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Board game sales are 28-percent higher than they were last year– reaching $9.6 billion. 

Tabletop, cards, and role-playing games are the top three choices for new gamers. With so many new board games for adults coming out, it can be difficult to choose which game is best for you. 

That’s why we’re here to help you ditch the coffee table books for games you can play and display! 

Cards Against Humanity 

It’s raunchy, it’s inappropriate and downright hilarious. Cards Against Humanity is the adult version of Apples to Apples. 

The popular card game came out in 2011 and has since added expansion packs, holiday editions, and even some write-in-your-own cards. Play with friends on the weekend and see who can pull the funniest cards. 

This game is not intended for children or young adults. 

Settlers of Catan

Want to play one of the top board games? Check out Settlers of Catan

No matter which version of the game you have, this is a board game your friends and family won’t want to stop playing. You can play with 5-6 people and create your own settlement. 

This game is family-friendly and looks great on any coffee table! 


For something classic and aesthetically pleasing take your chances with Mancala Board Games!

The board and pieces remind you of your childhood, it’s easy to play, and the colorful stones will match the decor in your living room. Although the game itself isn’t a new concept, play around with how you display it and make it decorative and fun! 

The Voting Game

Open the polls and vote for your friends– The Voting Game is one of the best board games for adults out there. 

Play with 4-10 people at a time. The game asks your group a question and you get to vote for who fits the description! It’s small and compact so it will fit perfectly in your table drawer. 

Not intended for children, use this game as an excuse for a grown-up night


Want to save the world from four deadly viruses? Pandemic is the best board game for you. 

You and your friends or family can find the cure while working together instead of against each other to defeat the game. With multiple versions and expansions– you can pick up where you left off! 

This game could last a few hours so make sure you read the rule book before you play! 

Betrayal At House On The Hill

Another cooperative game you should consider is Betrayal At House On The Hill

Play with young teens and adults as you make your way through a haunted house. When you think you’ve all made it out– one player will betray you. 

For horror fans and people looking for an extra Halloween decoration, try out this board game! 

Board Games for Adults and More

These are a few suggestions of the more popular board games for adults you should look into! 

Rather than stacking books no one will read on your coffee table, bring out these games to get the party going or have fun with your friends. 

For other ideas on what games you can play, check out our website!

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