Sexy Star Signs: What Zodiac Signs Are The Freakiest?

//Sexy Star Signs: What Zodiac Signs Are The Freakiest?
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If you are somebody who believes in the power and influence of astrology, then you will know just how important it can be when it comes to everything that goes on in the bedroom!

We all know each different star sign has its unique qualities and what is most interesting to note is that many of these unique qualities can be seen in the way that they like to have sex.

Zodiac signs can have a massive impact on just about every area of your life, so why should your sex life be any different? In terms of sexual chemistry and achieving maximum sexual satisfaction, your compatibility depending on your birth month can be incredibly important.

Have you ever hit it off with someone, only to discover later down the line that the spark just wasn’t there in bed? That could very well be because your signs didn’t match up appropriately.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen again, you can follow this simple guide to star sign-based satisfaction. Here is a cheeky rundown of all of the freakiest zodiac signs to help you learn more about the best star signs in bed!

1. Scorpio – The King of Sexy Zodiac Signs

There is absolutely no doubt the Scorpios are the horniest and freakiest of the star signs.

Scorpios are infamous for their high sex drives and insatiable sexual appetites. They aren’t afraid to be the boss in the bedroom no matter what!

They are super sexually charged, but interestingly a Scorpio isn’t someone who likes to have lots of one night stands and casual hookups. They prefer to be in a relationship, but it absolutely has to be a relationship with lots and lots of chemistry and passion.

2. Aries

Following close behind in the freakiest star signs ranking is Aries. If you find yourself in the romantic company of an Aries, you better be ready for a wild ride!

They might not admit it, but an Aries thinks about sex 24/7, and unlike a horny Scorpio they will get busy with anyone. An Aries doesn’t need to be in a relationship to be able to have the time of their life!

You might have the best sex of your life with an Aries, but don’t expect them to hang around for too long.

3. Leo

Just like the lion that represents them, Leos can be real animals in the bedroom!

Leos are very ego-driven. They like to be seen as the biggest and the best all the time. As a result, this often means that they will go the extra mile to make sure that their partner is pleasured during sex.

A Leo is always going to be a very generous lover. They take just as much pride in giving you a good time as they do in receiving one back. If you want to try something ask for it and the Leo will aim to please.

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is definitely up there when it comes to sexy star signs. They want to experience as much pleasure as possible and are not picky about who they experience it with.

For a Sagittarius, the thought of committing and limiting yourself to just one sexual partner just doesn’t feel natural. They prefer to experience lots of different encounters with lots of different people.

Be wary of getting too attached to a sexy Sagittarius because they have a tendency to move on when they can feel themselves getting bored. Unless you have ways to keep their attention, you will quickly be abandoned.

5. Taurus

A Taurus is highly erotic in their own kind of way. Rather than being fully focused on the sexual side of things, they prefer to create an altogether more sensual experience for themselves and a partner.

A Taurus will always want to set the perfect scene for an evening of intimacy. You can expect to be treated to a home-cooked meal complete with soft music and scented candles.

That isn’t to say, however, that a Taurus doesn’t know how to rock someone’s world in the bedroom, because they absolutely do! You’ll feel very attended to by a Taurus in the bedroom.

6. Capricorn

You might not assume that a Capricorn is highly sexual because they are generally quite reserved, but once you get them in the bedroom they really let loose.

They aren’t a star sign that thinks about sex all day every day, but when their attention is turned towards it, there is no stopping them.

Something interesting to remember about a Capricorn is that they have a vivid imagination which will often result in you trying things in the bedroom that you have never tried before.

7. Cancer

First off you need to win the trust and respect of a Cancer, but once you do, you are in for a wild sexual ride!

Once a Cancer feels comfortable with a new partner, they will want to explore every single inch of skin on their body. Cancers are known for being very generous and caring lovers, always preoccupied with making sure you are pleasured first.

A Cancer will do almost anything to please a sexual partner, so if you get the chance to hook up with one, it might be the perfect opportunity to suggest those positions that you have always wanted to try.

8. Virgo

When it comes to role play and fun sex games, there is no better partner to have than a Virgo.

They are willing to try literally everything, and their natural tendency to want to be the center of attention means that they will always rise to the challenge of any new sexy game or sexual fantasy that you can come up with!

Now You Know!

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