7 Key Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your House

//7 Key Things You Need to Do Before Selling Your House
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Staged homes sell 25% faster than non-staged homes. But, there is much more to selling your home than just performing staging. 

The foundation of your home is more than just the concrete slab it sits on, the walls, the windows and what’s inside your home are all part of what will create a great seller. 

It takes more than just hiring a real estate agent to sell your house. Keep reading for 7 key things you need to do before selling your house.

1. Create Curb Appeal 

The first thing your potential buyers will see when driving up to see your home is the view from the curb. Your front door, the exterior walls to your home, the front lawn and the leading path.

These are all things that need to make a very good impression. 

The first thing is first, consider repainting or varnishing your front door to truly make it pop. Replace the door handle if it looks old and warped, including the locking system. 

In the front areas of your house, plant some colored flowers to brighten up the view from the curb and above all else, keep your lawn trimmed and manicured. 

2. Declutter and Organize

The ornaments, books and other random items you have lying around your home may not seem like an eyesore to you, but they’re something a potential buyer will notice the minute they walk through the door. 

Make your way through your home room by room and declutter as much as humanly possible. 

Closets are generally full to the maximum, there are items stored under our beds and on sideboard units. Counters usually have more than a few items lying around that we’ve never got around to really packing away. 

Now is the time, donate things that you haven’t used in a very long time to a nearby charity. Things like picture frames, family heirlooms, and special ornaments can be packed into boxes and stored away for when you make your move. 

The goal here is to open up space in your home and make it look free of clutter, as well as to depersonalize the space as much as possible. 

3. Get Rid of Garage Grunge

We all know that a garage is the place where our things go to be stored. We have bicycle wheels hanging on the walls, tools lying around, boxes that reach the ceiling and more. 

The garage floor might be scuffed and oil-stained. 

You need to put some attention into cleaning up your garage, remove boxes that haven’t been touched in a long time. Buy some extra boxes and pack away items that you’d like to keep, and then consider holding a yard sale to get rid of unwanted stuff that you’re left with. 

Scrub the floors, clear off the shelves and focus on making the space look as large as it really is. 

4. Definitely Sweat the Small Stuff

Create a checklist of rooms and go through each room with a fine-toothed comb. 

Inspect doorknobs, drawer and cupboard handles, and lighting fixtures and switches. Anything that needs to be replaced should be replaced. 

Search for some great new fixtures that go with the look of your home, if your home is modern keep to that look or go for an antique one. Ensure that all light switches are working and shining for your potential buyers. All these small things that don’t seem like much, all add up to a much larger picture. 

5. Go on a Repair Rampage 

This follows on from the step above. You know that chandelier that you’ve been asking your husband to replace the light bulbs in for the last three months? The time is now to get that job done. 

Make a list of all the repairs that need to be done throughout your home, particularly if you’re leaving the washer, dryer, and stove behind for the new owners. These things all need to work, and they need to work well. 

Fix leaky taps and pipes, if there’s a cracked toilet seat, it’s time it gets replaced. 

6. Refresh Your Paint Job

This is quite a big job to be done. The paint job on the interior and exterior of your home are as equally important as one another. 

If your paint is flaking by room trimmings or around door frames it is time for a new paint job. If you have a room that is painted an insanely bright color or covered in wallpaper that can be classed as an acquired taste then a room repaint is in order. 

Potential buyers will most likely be drawn to more ‘naked’ rooms where they can freely imagine what they would like to do with each room. Think of neutral colors that will really enhance the size of each room. 

7. Pay Attention to Your Backyard 

By now, your potential buyer has walked through your room. All the changes you’ve already made have made a huge decision, and you’re about to take a step out the back door. 

But, there are tricycles lying all over the lawn, the dog mess hasn’t been picked up, the paving around the pool is stained and the grass is growing in between the cracks. This is the last vision that they will leave your home with. 

Mow the lawn, prune the bushes and plant flowers in the beds. 

Water the lawn regularly and keep the green look as vibrant as possible. If it’s Autumn, rake up the leaves before a potential visitor comes to view. 

Focus on weeding and keeping the sides of your paths, patio, and pool clean and free of debris. 

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I sell my house fast?”, then these are the answers you’ve been searching for. 

Before Selling, Take a Step Back

Before selling, and before you decide to list your home, take a step back and try to look at your home objectively. The neon pink curtains in your craft room may brighten your day, but an overcrowded, small space with something that bright might not look appealing to a potential buyer. 

By following these tips, you’ll be able to sell your house much faster.

If you’re ready to move onto changing your wardrobe, have a look through our style section. 

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