A Safety Checklist for Cosmetic Surgery Patients

//A Safety Checklist for Cosmetic Surgery Patients
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Cosmetic surgery can literally be life-changing for some people. After they go under the knife, they come out looking and feeling like brand new people.

Despite that fact, cosmetic surgery patients sometimes have just as much to worry about as they do to celebrate. Cosmetic surgery comes with a number of risks, all of which should be considered before undergoing any procedure.

As a result, patients shouldn’t get on the operating table without first putting together a safety checklist. What should be on those checklists? Here are four things that should definitely be somewhere on them.

Does the Surgeon Have a Good Reputation?

Any surgeon who will be performing a procedure should have a good reputation. This is true of a surgeon who performs any procedure.

That said, patients have a right to request references. A reputable surgeon will have no problem handing those references over.

When questioning past clients, ask about the surgeon’s attitude towards their requests. Old clients should also be questioned about the results of their procedures.

Feeling Pressured?

Getting cosmetic surgery is a personal decision. A surgeon who attempts to pressure a patient to undergo one procedure or another interferes with the decision-making process.

Look for surgeons who value patient input and requests over all else. These surgeons should adhere to the philosophy of Dr. Aaron Kosins. According to the California-based doctor, his philosophy is to “listen very carefully to the wishes” of his patients.

What Are the Risks?

Many procedures, be they cosmetic or medical, come with some risk. These risks range from financial to physical.

The financial risks are perhaps more evident than the physical ones. Surgical procedures have a cost, which is often high. Patients have to be prepared to pay that.

Sometimes, though, patients are unaware of the full financial costs of procedures. They end up walking away from a procedure tens of thousands of dollars in debt.

The physical risks are less apparent to some people. They vary from procedure to procedure, so patients should always ask their doctors about the specific risks.

Is the Procedure Realistic?

Some people struggle with weight loss. Others are constantly on the hunt for anti-aging solutions that will help them get rid of wrinkles. Some of these people turn to cosmetic surgery to fix these problems.

The fact of the matter, however, is that surgery doesn’t always completely fix these issues. Unfortunately, though, some people think that these procedures are cure-alls of sorts.

It’s perfectly fine to undergo a cosmetic procedure, but you need to be realistic about what a surgeon can achieve. If you can keep their expectations realistic, you’ll get more out of the surgery when all is said and done.

Double-Check the Safety Checklist

After putting together a safety checklist, double-check that list. There is nothing wrong with being extra sure of every little detail before the day of the surgical procedure finally arrives.

Regardless of whether or not a patient goes through with a procedure, we just hope that everything works out for the best in the end.

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