5 Design Tips For Decorating Your Beverly Hills Home

//5 Design Tips For Decorating Your Beverly Hills Home
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Many Hollywood stars call Beverly Hills, California, their home. It’s the symbol of wealth, luxury and fame.

Whether it’s donning fabulous sunglasses and shopping along Rodeo Drive or dining at any of the amazing restaurants, having a Beverly Hills address says that you’ve made it.

But what’s happening inside that address matters too.

Could your Beverly Hills pad use a little sprucing?

Then you’ll want to read these five design tips for decorating your Beverly Hills home.

1. Think bamboo, gold, and Scalamandre

A staple of Beverly Hills decorating includes using unique pieces of furniture that look glamorous. Especially when they’re painted in gold.

Get a vintage gold hand chair. Carved from one piece of wood or made from pure bronze, they make a real design statement.

And then there’s bamboo. From chairs to bar carts, dressers to bed frames, bamboo is pure Beverly Hills style.

Accent your bamboo bed-framed mattress with Scalamandre tiger print pillows. Franco Scalamandre is known for his beautiful and traditional textiles, decorative textile trims, wall coverings, and carpeting.

Putting a couple of these pillows on your bed or couch says “Beverly Hills” all the way.

2. Bold paint and leafy wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to go bold and glamorous with your paint. Try different textures and colors, even if they’re contrasting. Especially if they’re contrasting!

And nothing says Beverly Hills like leafy wallpaper. This is a throwback to the early days of glitz and glamor when a banana leaf wallpaper hung at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

It’s come to be recognized as a staple in classic luxury since then. If you’re not so moved by the banana leaf pattern, any leaf will do.

3. Mirrors, mirrors on the wall

Regardless of the size of your real estate in Beverly Hills , mirrors will make it look even bigger. Plus, they add more light to a room. And what better way to appreciate when you’re having a great hair day?

For a real Beverly Hills look, you could cover an entire wall in mirror tiles. Or, even better, go with some gilded mirrors. Beverly Hills décor is a marked by a mix of regency and vintage tropical, so these gilded mirrors are the perfect accent.

4. It’s all about layering

The expression of a chic Beverly Hills home is all in the layering. Just as you got bold with color in your paint, be daring enough to layer textures and materials in your home.

Try throwing together glass-topped gold sheaf coffee tables with chairs upholstered in damask patterns, for example. Be brave. Experiment with your own combinations.

5. Forget matching

Are you seeing a pattern?

In case it wasn’t clear from the previous four tips, the bottom line is to not get caught up in matching everything in a room. For your Beverly Hills home to look truly rich, this is the only thing you need know.

Find colors, textures, materials, and patterns that speak to you. Then see how well they fit together. Be bold. You might be surprised to see how well two very different things juxtapose one another.

After all, opposites attract.

Get out there and redefine chic. And best of luck on decorating your Beverly Hills home. Have fun!

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