Summer Dresses: 8 Styles You Can’t Live Without

//Summer Dresses: 8 Styles You Can’t Live Without
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Summer has arrived, ladies.

Whether you’re sipping cocktails on rooftops this summer or heading out on the town for a night of dancing, the uniform has been decided: summer is for dresses.

While keeping you cool and free of caged-in sweat pockets, summer dresses look elegant and effortless. The key to the ultimate summer dress is lightweight material. However, finding something comfortable, flattering and stylish can be a tricky feat.

If you’re a lady looking to occasionally thrill your man, many have stated they prefer a fitted look. Fitted looks are doable in the right fabric and length of course, but the most important thing is to wear what makes you feel sexy.

What’s more attractive than a confident woman? Nothing. But if you’re having trouble figuring out what to wear this summer, look no further for guidance. We’ve compiled a helpful list when it comes to dress selection.

Summer Dresses: 8 Styles You Can’t Live Without

1. The Floaty Flyaway

Chiffon material screams “summer”. Nothing keeps you cool and says you’re cool at the same time like something floaty and bohemian.

Less is more these days when it comes to what you sport under the dress. Consider picking one out of your closet that isn’t lined. Most dresses will keep you covered where it matters while letting the rest of your body breathe.

Chiffon is in and comes in so many beautiful prints and designs. While you cha-cha your way into summer dance parties, this dress is sure to accentuate your dance moves with a proper flourish.

Getting ready in a hurry to go out? Here are some tips to help you speed the process along.

2. Mod Structure Dresses

If you want to stand out from the crowd, do as Kerry Washington does and dive into 60s-inspired dresses this summer. Much like Scandal, you’ll be a rare hit.

There’s no better time to wear color than in the summer, and these period pieces are usually made with vibrant tones and fabulous materials.

The dresses are short enough to keep you cool and will cinch your waist just right. The truth is when we look good, we feel good. This dress is here to help that.

3. Tier Summer Dresses

From Coachella to coach flying, tier dresses are chic and comfortable. They are breezy and great for evening wear too! Light layers are key to any successful summer night out.

Tier dresses are flattering on everyone. They hide anything you might want to and you don’t have to wear spanx all night. Tier dresses are available in many different fabrics which can dress it up or down for various occasions.

The tier summer dresses will also give your accessories a moment to shine. With scooping necklines and skinny straps, your accouterments will glow.

This dress is a favorite in orange, wear the trendy color all summer long.

 4. The Grecian Dress

Considering the single-shoulder style has been around for thousands of years, there is a good reason the dress still holds up. These dresses are truly flattering on many body types.

The Grecian goddess dress will keep you looking dress savvy and comfortable all night long. Show off that summer body you’ve been working so hard on and go sleeveless! This is a great dress to feature your shoulders and arms!

The Greek goddess dress will make you look as statuesque as Aphrodite.

Consider this dress a go-to option with many new designers putting Grecian aspects into their collections. And hey, who doesn’t want to be reminded of their time in the Greek islands?

5. Maxi. Maxi. Maxi.

Our current favorite, these gowns can be dressed up or down.

The floor-sweeping gown is always a show stopper. It gives you maximum comfort and maximum style. This dress is the epitome of effortless glamour.

This dress comes in so many different price ranges and can look fabulous even from the lower end retailers.

Use this brilliant guide to help you when choosing your best maxi without breaking your bank. You can pick these beauties up in various prints pretty much anywhere. Pair this dress with an Outlined Cloth cap and you’ll keep your look sporty and fun.

Speaking of maxi, maximize your time wisely and pour yourself a glass of wine that pairs perfectly with your night out, or in while getting ready.

6. Linen Dresses

Linen dresses are a great option for summer. Especially useful for summer travel the dress looks great either pressed or with relaxed wrinkles.

This dress can transition from a dinner party in the Hamptons to a picnic in your local park. Linen is made of all natural fibers and is breathable.

Linen is truly a classic look, and you only get to wear it for a few months out of the year. Capitalize on these summer dresses while you can. With proper care, linen holds up extremely well and will never go out of style.

Pair this look with a Birkenstock for a more relaxed look. Use it with sandals for the beach or a nude heel in the evening and you’ve got yourself a smart summer look.

7. The Shoulder Dress

Much like Beyonce, we love a shoulder dress. Though many of you probably hoped this look would never come back, it did. But there is good news: the dress will make your waist look smaller in all its form fitting glory.

It’s a feminine dress with a hint of strength and masculinity up top. It’s a bold and enticing silhouette.

Pair this dress with a skinny belt and pointy shoes. Show some of your curves and make a throwback to the Tina Turner era. If you avoid bright colors and metallics you will be able to keep the dress simple and modern.

The piece is a big stand out on its own, so there is no need to over accessorize.

8. The 80’s Dress

Comfortable and often made out of t-shirt material, the 80s dress is a pure win for the summer.  Belting this dress with something chunky is a great idea. You can also pull it off the shoulder a little.

Though normally paired with huge hair and bright colors, keep this look relevant. A slick bun and dark colors are great options for this summer look. This is an easy-to-wear dress that still looks dressy.

There are so many styles to choose from when decided on summer dresses. The most important thing about is dress is that it makes you feel confident, smart, and beautiful.

Contact us for extra tips and tricks on beauty and style this summer.

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