Product Review: Cocoa The Grate

//Product Review: Cocoa The Grate
  • organic cocoa butter

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About two months ago, i was invited to a friends house for barbecue, where i had the pleasure to get to know an interesting girl, who offered me her product to try and review it. At first, i was so amazed of her business story and how she started making this product for herself (she was pregnant and did not wanted to have stretch marks) and then how she realized that “Hmmm, this might be a great product for others to use too!”. I am talking about organic cocoa butter straight from Africa, which is in a powdery form, that melts in your hands.

1 oz bottle that i use

1 oz bottle that i use

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Why cocoa butter and what is it good for?

This cocoa butter is not over processed, has no additives, synthetics or harsh preservatives, it is pure organic cocoa butter that has been grated. Besides being one of the best moisturizers out there, it is also known for preventing and healing scars. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and air borne pollutants. Also, it has proven effective against eczema and dermatitis.

It is rich in vitamin E, which is one of the strongest antioxidants. Also, has a higher concentration of antioxidants than blueberries, making it a super antioxidant. How does this help you? It neutralize free radicals in your body, slowing down the natural aging process.


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  • Smells amazing! If you love chocolate, then your skin (or your loved one’s) smelling like chocolate will drive you insane (in a good way!)
  • It is so easy to use, you just drizzle some powder in your palms, or on your body and massage it for a few seconds. The powder will melt and it will be absorbed in seconds, leaving your skin moisturized and not at all oily
  • It is so healthy for your! It is organic and it is the raw form of the best moisturized you could ever get!
  • It is very affordable! If you buy it online, it costs $8.99, but if you purchase more, the price drops like crazy! (Buy it HERE!)
  • One jar will last for a month, if you use it daily.
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  • This product, being a powdery one, it is pretty messy. I don’t like having powder on my sheets (if i apply it after the shower, before going to bed), or on my floor (if i apply it standing up).
  • It is very hard to apply it all over your body (because of its powdery form). I suggest to use it only for hands or small areas of your body (if you have some injuries, or scars somewhere).
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Overall, it is the best hand moisturizer and i will buy it again! To get to know the brand better, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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