Happy Birthday, Roswitha!

//Happy Birthday, Roswitha!

Today is another special day! I hope you’ve all noticed the amazing things that happened around these past months: Estilo Tendances was represented at two fashion weeks: London and New York. This is a dream come to for all of us, but mostly for one person. She’s the one who started everything back in 2010 as a dream, but she never thought Estilo will soon become other people’s dream also!

Today our CEO, Roswitha, is turning 23 and out teams wishes her “Happy Birthday”!



You’ve already met her if you’ve read her articles and mostly the “About us” section and if you didn’t, you have to do it cause this wonderful dream of her  hides a wonderful story about fear, determination and passion!


Estilo Tendances Team wants to thank her for everything she has done: for the growth of this platform, for being so ambitious and for inspiring us to always dream big! Romina, our colleague, made her an amazing drawing. Thank you, Romina! We are sure Roswitha will love it!


Also, Estilo Family wanted to wish her “Happy Birthday” throughout this cute video! We love you!!!







Photo source: pixabay and pexels


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