Put Your Face First: How Often Should You Get a Professional Spa Facial?

//Put Your Face First: How Often Should You Get a Professional Spa Facial?
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After a long stressful work week, nothing sounds better than a day at the spa! A spa facial is a great way to bask in your well-deserved relaxation. But facials aren’t only for relaxing.

Sure, we see the luxurious spas in get-a-way hotels offering full pampering with facials. We might even think that facials are a treat that we occasionally indulge in.

And they are a treat! But they’re also a necessity for keeping your skin healthy. And they should be implemented into your skincare routine.

But how often facials should be done is still a question asked today. Many people are not sure of the answer. This is because facials are seen as a luxury or something that is only done while on vacation.

Now that we know facials are an important part of our skincare routine, let’s get down to it! How often should you get a spa facial? Continue reading as we break it down.

Let’s Talk About Skin

Your skin replenishes itself every 30 days. Your skin cells begin below the surface on a layer called the dermis. They then make their way up to the top layer of skin called the epidermis and die off after time.

Because of this 30 day cycle, getting a monthly facial is a good idea. The facial amplifies the skin’s natural process. But there are factors to consider!

Skin Type & Condition

Your skin type and skin condition affect how often you need to receive a facial. If you have skin that is oily with acne or breakouts, then you need a facial done more frequently. You should repeat the process until your acne or breakouts have calmed down and your skin is healthy!

But it’s best to talk with an esthetician for the best schedule. Getting a facial done too often when not needed can be unhealthy. And once your skin starts feeling and looking better, you can transition to a longer schedule.

If you are someone who has sensitive skin, then it might be best to go less often. Everyone’s skin is different, and it’s best to develop a schedule around your individual needs.

Skin that is sensitive might react badly to frequent facials. So try once every two months. And keep your skin happy!

If you have a known or unknown skin condition, then the esthetician will help determine the best type of facial for you. The esthetician will also tell how often you should receive the facial.

Let’s Talk Professionals

Professional facials offer your skin the healing properties that home facials can’t. Estheticians understand the proper skincare that your individual skin requires. And with their knowledge, they can complete extractions, lighten discoloration from sun damage and scarring, and release stress!

Estheticians also have access to special tools that we at home don’t. Tools like the jade roller are used to increase blood circulation and reduce toxins in the skin.

Because not all patients need extractions or much help with exfoliation, facials aimed to relax and relieve stress are also essential to skin health. To learn what other benefits the jade roller offers, read more here.

With their professional tools and knowledge, estheticians provide expert skin care. If you are not sure of your skin type or possible skin conditions, then contact a professional. They will help determine how often you should have facials!

Let’s Talk About Money

There’s no need to be embarrassed if you can’t afford monthly facials. Adding any expense into our budgets is difficult. But that’s okay!

If you can’t plan to get a facial done once a month, then book them into your schedule once for every season. Seasons cause a huge effect on our bodies. The change is most noticeable in our allergies and sinuses.

But the weather change doesn’t only affect our internal bodies. It has an effect on our skin as well. This is also true when traveling to a climate that your skin is not used to.

Winter weather is dry and causes our skin to become dry as well. And summer weather is humid with stronger UV rays from the sun. Make sure to plan a spa facial at least once a season to ensure your skin remains the healthiest it can be.

The same is true for traveling. Think about this: you’ve lived in the south your whole life. You’re planning on traveling north and staying a while.

Your skin isn’t used to the dry air. The dryness of the air will have a greater effect on you than those who live up north. And vice versa.

It’s a good idea to schedule for a facial when returning home!

Let’s Talk About Spa Facial Benefits

Let’s be honest, home facials can’t compete with spa facials. Spa facials offer professional grade skincare. And let’s not forget, they provide that well-deserved alone time as well.

The benefits of spa facials are amazing!

  • Increased hydration
  • Increased brightness
  • Increased circulation
  • Professional guidance
  • Stress relief
  • Youthful skin
  • Scope for skin cancer

It’s safe to say that spa facials offer more benefits than the at-home facials. Healthy skin is essential. And you want to do what’s best for it!

Set up a Schedule

Is a spa facial necessary? Definitely! But you don’t need to go once a week.

The most common scheduling is once a month. But there are factors that change this. Your skin type and conditions plus your budget affect this schedule.

The best thing is to keep these guidelines in mind and speak to a professional esthetician. Set up a schedule that works best for you, your skin, and your budget!

For more on healthy living, head on over to our health blog! And stay happy, beautiful, and stylish!

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