5 of the Best Magazines for Women to Read in 2019

//5 of the Best Magazines for Women to Read in 2019
  • Best Magazines for Women

Did you know that women’s magazines date as far back as 1693?

Being a woman can be challenging, which is why women have sought advice from others with more experience for centuries.

If you’re passionate about living your best life, magazines designed by women for women can be your best tool to succeed.

Keep reading to learn the 5 best magazines for women so you can start enriching yourself.

1. Most Popular Women’s Magazines: Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens has managed to stay popular since its founding in 1922. There’s a good reason why so many women love this magazine. Although the name may be a bit misleading, Better Homes and Gardens offers readers helpful tips for a wide range of topics.

If you want to learn how to decorate your home, cook, entertain, take care of your health, and stay on trend, you’ll enjoy this magazine.

With 12 issues each year, you’ll always have new tips to look forward to each month.

2. Top Women Magazine: Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan covers all kinds of relevant topics for women, but they are most known for their sex tips. This magazine has managed to reach millions of women for many years because it doesn’t shy away from the scandalous.

This magazine is helpful, but it’s more lighthearted entertainment.

You can read about the latest celebrity gossip, get your horoscope, and learn the hottest beauty tips. If you’re interested in more pressing matters, though, you’ll also be able to find information on careers, education, politics, and more.

3. Best Magazines for Women Over 50: PRiME WOMEN

Who says life stops once you turn 50?

If you’re a vivacious woman who wants to be empowered and successful her whole life, then PRiME WOMEN has just what you need.

Since this online magazine is written by accomplished women, the information is relevant and realistic. You can find tips for business, travel, health, fashion, and so much more.

Their belief is that women should not only live a long life but a happy one, too.

4. Popular Women’s Magazines to Stay Inspired: O, The Oprah Magazine

Oprah Winfrey is a self-made billionaire, so what other magazine could be more inspiring than hers?

If you want to be more like this world-renowned superstar, you can get a lot of wonderful reading materials from her magazine. With topics like inspiration, health and wellness, books, finance, and more, O, The Oprah Magazine can help you be the best version of yourself.

5. Magazines for Women Who Love Fashion: Vogue

Vogue has become a household name due to its impressive coverage of the fashion and beauty industries. If you want to stay up to date on all the hottest trends, there’s no better source than Vogue.

Not only can you see what all the models are wearing on the runway, but you can get valuable tips on what to wear and what not to wear in your day-to-day life.

Want More Helpful Tips?

Now that you know a handful of the best magazines for women, you have plenty of interesting reading material to keep you busy.

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