Product Review: Paula Dorf 2+1For Brows + Get A FREE Brow Brush

//Product Review: Paula Dorf 2+1For Brows + Get A FREE Brow Brush

Do you use products for your brows?

If you are like me, and you love having defined brows but you really struggle with the small ‘holes’ in between hairs, then this is a product you will love!

Last week, i got this nice 3 color shadow for defining my brows (2+1 For Brows, by Paula Dorf) + the best brow brush i have ever had (Perfect Brow Brush, by Paula Dorf)! I was dying to try it on and see how i look and honestly, i could not stay away from it ever since, i use it everyday!

Who is Paula Dorf?

She was born in Bronx, New York and is currently living in Manhattan. She was a lead make-up artist, between 1980s-1990s for album covers, music videos and films. During her makeup artist career she developed new makeup brushes, most famous ones: Foundation Brush, Cheek Cream Brush and Eye Transformer Brush, which are patented! Besides owning a company that designs high quality makeup brushes, she also created a high quality, long-wearing, easy to use color cosmetic line.

Her signature phrase:

Become your own makeup artist®.

2+1 for Brows

First, i want to say that i love the design of the case, and that it is really durable, because just after i got it, i dropped out of my hand on the floor and i was about to cry thinking that all the compact shadow will get cracked and i would be left with nothing. (it happened to many times before) But, to my surprise, the case was intact, like nothing ever happened (scored!)

Get the 2+1 For Brows for only $26!

I ordered the BRUNETTE color and the 2 shades match my hairs perfectly, so if you are a brunette or you have brown hair, this is the shade for you! At first, i had no idea what is the deal with the white shade… but then i realized that it is a wax, that will give the impression of natural brows. It is the first time i see something like this, and the wax helps a lot by maintaining your perfect looking brows.

Here is me doing my first ever makeup tutorial. There is a start for everything, so here is mine:

Perfect Brow Brush

Besides being so excited for getting my brow shadow, when i got the brush to i was jumping up and down in my living room. (i was keen on trying one of her brushes) Indeed, the brush’s precision is priceless and after you use it, your brows look so natural, like you are actually ‘growing hair‘.

So, far i could not find any cons for these products and i really really really recommend them!

What do YOU get?

If you purchase it from and you add the coupon code: BROWBRUSH you will receive a FREE Perfect Brow Brush! This is almost 50% off, since both products are $24+$26 and you get to pay only $26! Don’t miss this opportunity and get online and order it!

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This article was sponsored by Paula Dorf.
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