Product Review: Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum

//Product Review: Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum

New week, new product to review! Read below to see which one …

Looks like the brow cosmetic industry is increasing day by day and plenty of products are created to make our life easier and our brows better. I personally, love to spend time on my makeup and to do all the proper steps and use all the brushes and plenty of products, BUT when you are in a hurry to get to work or to school, you mostly get around 10 minutes or less to spend on putting makeup on. If this is your case, then the following product will definitely change your life.

Lately, i have been checking out to see how long it takes me to finish my makeup and i have seen major improvements, when using special products. For example, by using Bare Minerals Ready To Go Complexion Perfection Kit (read the review HERE) i finish applying foundation, powder, bronzer and illuminator in less than 3 minutes. BONUS: my face looks flawlessseriously, read the review!

Brows are another important step, because if you accentuate them, your whole complexion changes and your overall look will be more polished. Not too long ago, i was asked to review Paula Dorf 2+1For Brows, which is great (read the review HERE) but for someone inexperienced and with less time, it might not seem such a good choice. That is why one of Lashem’s products: the Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum will work best for them!


What they promise:

Long-lasting tint keeps brows looking full and perfectly in place. Applicator designed to distribute gel and fill in gaps evenly and precisely, and to sculpt brows with one simple application.

Available in three shades: Blonde, Brunette and Raven. (

Product Review: Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum

Product Review: Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum

So, i gave it a try, i was very curious!

Before telling you about the results, i just want to say a few things:

– their website is absolutely amazing! I am a sucker for beautiful websites and the first time i saw it, i was in awe! It is simple, gorgeous, flawless, in my opinion!

– the product design is priceless. It feels expensive! (do you ever get that feeling when you are looking or holding an item that ‘It must be expensive’?)

 What I have noticed:

  1.  It takes up to 30 seconds to apply it! Yay!!!
  2.  It does last the whole day.
  3.  Keeps the hairs in place and gives them a nice color. Bonus: it fills the empty hair spots, not just colors the hairs. (definitely a BIG plus)
  4.  Good for every day use, because it is fast, easy to apply, long lasting and healthy!
  5. I cannot comment if your brows get healthier or not, but for sure they are not getting worse, because of the ingredients. – this counts for something!

What do YOU get?

If you are eager to buy this product and try it on yourself, or any other products from Lashem, you get a 30% discount! You heard it right, you can buy Colour Strokes Brown Tint & Lift With Lash Enhacing Serum for only $14, instead of $20! (I think it is a very good deal!).

30% OFF Coupon Code: BROW30BB



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