How to Plan Ski Holidays for a Girls Weekend Away

//How to Plan Ski Holidays for a Girls Weekend Away
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Getting together with the girls can give you a break that you definitely deserve. One of the best ways to enjoy time with your friends is to plan ski holidays. Getting some active time on the slopes will be a great balance for the food, fun, and possibly even wine to follow!

If you want to plan the perfect ski holiday with the girls, be sure you use these great tips!

Get Great Accommodations

One of the most important parts of a girl’s weekend away is having a luxurious place to stay. Don’t think that ski holidays are different! You can find all kinds of lodging near ski areas.

You can also choose to take a trip that’s focused entirely on skiing, or include shopping and spa time. If you want variety, consider Whistler, BC.

Your group can choose from a variety of beautiful Whistler accommodations that are close to shopping, nightlife, and restaurants. You may even get a free shuttle to the slopes!

Pack the Right Gear for Ski Holidays

Bringing your own gear may save some money, but if a group is traveling together, it might be best to rent. You can rent skis, poles, and a helmet at the resort. If you have your own ski boots, you’ll probably be more comfortable if you bring them.

You also need to pack light clothes that are easy to layer. Consider a base layer, followed up by a warm sweater or fleece jacket. Follow that up with a waterproof ski jacket, ski pants, and gloves.

You’ll also want skiing basics such as a hat that fits under a helmet, ski socks, snow boots, and ski goggles. And don’t forget lip balm and several packets of pocket tissues!

Travel in Style

Where you plan to go will have a lot to do with how you decide to travel. If the resort is close to at least one person in your group, have that person drive. Others can fly or drive according to what’s convenient.

Having at least one car available during ski holidays can make things much easier. You can avoid the expense of renting a vehicle and use the car to travel locally around your hotel, condo, or vacation home.

If you decide to all travel together from a single location, you can rent an SUV or van. A group road trip can be a great way to create memories together! By splitting costs, you can save money while still having the transportation you need.

On the other hand, if it makes sense for everyone to fly, you can rent a car once you arrive. Choose one or two vehicles to accommodate your group easily. Having two cars can be very helpful because it allows your group to split up and attend different activities.

Have an Incredible Time!

Once you have your group together, have your accommodations set up, have packed, and are ready to travel in style, you’re all set! Enjoy your girl’s weekend, take plenty of pictures, and relax.

Ski holidays are an excellent way to reconnect with friends, unwind, and get great exercise along with some R&R. Start planning your travel getaway today!

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