5 Summer Vacation Spots You Need to Visit

//5 Summer Vacation Spots You Need to Visit
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So you’re looking to get away for summer vacation… but you really want to get away from civilization. Somewhere not cluttered with foot traffic, actual traffic, or drunken idiots looking for the next party.

These 5 beautiful, balmy summer vacation spots are only slightly out of the way. But what they are most is out of the ordinary.

5 Summer Vacation Spots With a Difference

1. Mackinac Island, Michigan

Usually, when summer tourists escape to another time entirely, they head to Pennsylvania and Amish Country. But if you’re going to escape from the 21st century, why not go all the way and do it on an island?

Mackinack is one big beautiful bike park with preserved Antebellum architecture and the storied Americana of the Grand Hotel.

It also features a nationally-known lilac festival, and — for extra 19-century flair — no other way to get around other than by horse.

Between the costumes, the architecture, and the fact that you can only get there by tugboat, you really will feel like you’re in another place and time. And their fudge is better than the Amish’s as well!

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

The sacred city of Machu Picchu was only rediscovered by archaeologists about 100 years ago, a true remnant of an ancient time. It’s a citadel of truly awe-inspiring stone monuments set in the luscious and mountainous South American countryside.

If you’re one of those people that like to keep your cardio regimen going even while you’re on vacation, this may be the best hiking vacation in the world. You can also take the Short Inca Trail if you’d like to experience the site’s grandeur in smaller doses.

3. Glacier National Park, Montana

Global warming aside, America’s coldest National Park is still impossible to visit in the winter time. If you’re looking to cool off in summer, however, you couldn’t possibly do any better than this!

The glaciers are jaw-dropping (and, sadly, disappearing). But even without them hundreds of trails track in through the forests of Northern Montana, ripe for exploration.

You can also drive to the mountains and camp out, as long as you make sure and check in with the rangers first.

4. Bora Bora, South Pacific

The name may be funny, but the atmosphere certainly is not. If you want to get that real Polynesian feel from your summer vacation spots, try this famed volcanic atoll surrounded by coral reefs. It’s bathed in a lagoon featuring a thousand shades of green and blue.

Rent a thatched bungalow and enjoy the sound of nothing but nature and timeless beauty occurring all around you. This “Jewel of the South Seas” may very well be the most romantic place on Earth.

5. Big Sur, California

Sure, everyone knows some California summer vacation spots. It’s a cliche at this point.

But if you want to visit hidden treasures, the cliffs of the Big Sur Coast are for you. Go whale watching or see the famous ancient California redwoods up close. Lounge in the nearby restorative hot springs, or take on the gentle yet gorgeous rapids of the Big Sur River.

It’s California for locals, and rugged locals at that!

Have You Booked Your Next Summer Vacation Yet?

These five spots may be unorthodox when it comes to summer vacations, but word is getting around. Book one of these great spots before they fill up, pack up your own summery style, and enjoy a summer getaway that challenges as it relaxes!


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