It’s summertime, which means barbecues, festivals, and pared-down, bright makeup hues. Read on to know how to find the perfect lipstick for your skin tone and some great tips that will help you look stylish in every occasion.


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How To Find The Perfect Lipstick For Your Skin Tone

  • #1. Determining Your Skin’s Undertones

Do you remember the color wheel from art class? The way that purple looked fabulous against its opposite, yellow. Well, when it comes to makeup, similar rules apply. Therefore, in order to find the perfect lipstick for your skin tone, you must first determine your “color season”. There are several ways to do this.

To start, find a brightly lit area, turn your arm so your palms face upward, and take a long hard look at the veins on your wrist. What color are they? If your veins look somewhat greenish in hue, there’s a good chance that you have warm undertones. If they look blue, you probably have cool undertones.

If that didn’t work, try holding a white piece of paper next to your face. What colors pop out? Are they warmer or cooler tones?

Take a look inside your wardrobe: sometimes we gravitate toward colors that suit us. So if you’re seeing a lot of oranges, reds, yellows, or greens, you might have warm undertones. See lots of navy and dark hues? You might be a cool.

A good rule of thumb: if you tan easily, you probably have warm undertones. If you burn, you probably have cool undertones, and if you tan but eventually burn, you probably have neutral undertones.

And if you need more help, this video from The Makeup Chair should come in handy.

  • #2. Determining Your Color Season

Now that you’ve found your undertones, have a look at the contrast between hair and skin color. If you have warm undertones and high contrast, you’re an autumn. Think olive or golden-brown skin with dark hair. Low contrast, like warm skin and blonde hair, means you’re a spring.

Now for the cool undertone ladies. If you have cool tones and high contrast, you’re probably a winter. (A good example might be Snow White: dark hair, pale skin.) If you’re a summer, you probably have cool undertones and light blonde to medium brown hair. (Most natural redheads are belong to this group.)

  • #3. Think Outside the Box: Winter Hues for Summer

You don’t need to ditch your red lipstick just because the weather is warm. In fact, a bold lip — red or otherwise — is the perfect accessory for Fourth of July picnics or attending a June wedding.

Here’s the thing about red: everyone has their perfect shade. And it’s relatively easy to determine which colors look right on you. But it’s important to keep your color season in mind.

If you have medium skin and warm undertones, a bright orange-red shade can be very flattering. This is because the warm shades in the red pick up on warm shades in your skin tone, making you appear youthful and modern.

But what about cool tone ladies? Actually, pale ladies can get away with a lot in the red department. That’s because your skin provides a great contrast to red, and your undertones no doubt give off shades of pink and blue.

If you have pale skin with cool undertones, rich blue-based cherry reds look striking and create a nice balance.

Bonus: these shades make teeth look whiter. Keep your eye makeup simple–a kitten eye flick and a bit of blush. This will keep the look from looking too retro.

If you have a darker skin tone, a rich cranberry or a red that incorporates plum hues can be enticing. Or, if you want to go “goth chic,” a wine colored red is sophisticated and striking.

Finally, if you have very dark skin, an orange-red will look absolutely stunning and create a flattering contrast. This is a shade many pale ladies can’t pull off, and it will make your entire look pop, ensuring you look fresh and lovely.

 Summer Lipstick Shades For You To Try


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Of course, you don’t have to go completely bold in order to make a summer statement. During these months, you can get away with lipstick that might look out of place during other seasons. Now is the time to experiment with babydoll pink hues, nude lipstick (that looks especially sultry with a smoky eye), and even lavender.

If you are thinking of donning periwinkle lipstick, pair it with an understated outfit. That way, your lipstick can be the focal point. We know that new makeup isn’t always cheap. Here are some ways to stretch your supplies to last several seasons:


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Tips for Making Your Lipstick Last

  • Take a concealer brush, your favorite concealer, and outline your lip area accordingly. This may sound nuts, but it will help you achieve the perfect line (very important for those wearing bold colors. You don’t want to look like a toddler playing with makeup for the first time). After you’ve done this, buff the concealer into the surrounding area. Blending is key. This will also help with your lip color’s longevity.
  • Line your lips in the same shade, then fill in with lipstick. This will also help with staying power, it will cut down on your product use (making your makeup last longer which will save you money).
  • Use q tips for touch ups. Also, remember to blot before you go. And consider applying gloss for a “kissable” variation of your favorite color!
  • Remember, if you’re going out, bring your shade, some tissues, and q tips with you in your bag for emergency touch ups. And if you are drinking coffee, best to use a straw!


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What’s your favorite Summer shade?

Do you have a go-to product? When it comes to formulas, do you prefer long wear glosses or more traditional, matte lipstick? Or neither?

Leave your comments and product recommendations in the space below!

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