Have you ever wondered how your life would look like if you had a better relationship with money? I have been in this love-hate relationship with money my whole life, always struggling to have enough and never feeling safe, until I learned how to attract more wealth with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been reading about The Secret, saw the movie a few times, watched bunch of other amazing abundance films or videos and even enrolled a few years ago in a US membership group to learn more about attracting wealth – and it all helped! But, the thing that spoke the most to my soul, was Denise with LuckyBitch.com.

Who Is Denise Duffield-Thomas And How Did I Find Her?


It was June 2014, I just bought my first ever blogging course – Bloggers MBA click here for more info – and I was so keen on turning my blogging into a business and follow Kate’s (from SecretBloggersBusiness.com) example and be as rich as her – at least! At that time, I was not making any money, my only source of income was my scholarship which was about to end in less than a month.

As you could imagine, I was terrified of how my life will turn, after graduation. My constant thoughts were:

“Do I have to get a job?”

“How will I survive?”

What I did is what I always do after I find myself a mentor, I “stalk” them online, and find out all there is to know about them, so I can know “their secrets” and apply them in my own life or business. Said and done! I started reading all of Kate’s blog posts and at one point I ended up in one where she talked about how much she was making and about her money blocks.

My mind was spinning “She has money blocks???“. For some reason, I thought only people “like me” (young, beginners) have money blocks, successful people don’t. Finding out her money stories, got me to realize my money problem – what were my thoughts towards money at that time.

Some of my thoughts were:

  • I have to work really hard to be somebody and to make good money
  • I never have enough money
  • I have to be perfect before being able to be somebody and earn big money

Do you find yourself thinking the same thought? Oh, I guess we are not so different – welcome to the club.

After I realized this, my next step was to find out “How did she cured her money blocks, in order to make good money out of her business?” and the answer came, with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp.

I was hooked! I already had such big trust in Kate’s judgment, since she helped me so much with her Bloggers MBA course and later with all her products and group coaching – I knew I had to know more about Denise Duffield-Thomas and cure my money blocks!

I head over to luckybitch.com and started reading about her. She is an Australian mom that helps people, especially women, with changing their money mindset and attract more wealth and abundance in their lives. She is quirky, funnyfully transparent (she is the one who would do a video in her pajamas without even caring), very honest and hearing her talk it’s like hearing your best friend. She likes to brag about the fact that she is not perfect and that is okay.

Probably the biggest thing that made me fell in love with her and the way she does things – is the fact that she is not perfect. Being a perfectionist myself and always having as role models people that are perfect, it gets pretty hard and lonely to feel like “Oh, I am not there yet!“. For years, I thought that because I do not have a professional website, or the perfect body, or the perfect fashion style, or great hair, or clear skin, I could not be successfulbecause where do you see successful women that don’t look flawless?

And then I found Denise Duffield-Thomas. She is so happy with how she looks like and how her business and personal life developed. She filmed her first course with her iPad, in her bedroom, her website is not the best one out there, but that did not stop her from having a million dollar course.

Whenever I look at her, I get reminded that you do not need to be perfect to achieve everything you ever wanted – and this is more than enough!

How Did I Get To Do Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Money Bootcamp?

After purchasing my first ever blogging course, in May 2014, I had literally no money to invest in anything, even the course was only half paid and I had to wait a few more weeks to come up with the whole amount. As you can imagine, I looked to see how much Money Bootcamp costs and when I saw $797 (on 23rd July 2015, the price will double) I almost fainted, because my thoughts were “I will never afford to pay for such an expensive course“. Keep in mind, at that time, my money mindset was still very narrow.

So, I did nothing. It’s like closing a book after you realize it will take too long to read and that you do not feel like dealing with that right now.

Of course, my self-development did not stop there – thank God for that, so I managed to read more books about money mindset and do all Denise Duffield-Thomas’s freebies and just stay connected with her, hoping that one day I will do the Money Bootcamp and my whole life would change.

Denise Duffield-Thomas's freebies:

  • FREE Pricing Course
  • FREE Money Blocks Course
  • Make Money In 24 Hours Course

In January 2015, I had a big money issue. A lot of payments were not coming in and all our expenses were not being paid, so I started to be really aware that I am not doing something right since I am manifesting money delays. What I did, of course, was to go back and read everything there is to know about Denise Duffield-Thomas’s Money Bootcamp. I was obsessed with it and wanted so badly to buy it. Although I had no money, I emailed her asking for a barter deal, maybe I would get the course for free. A girl’s got to ask – right?

I got back a really nice email, where her assistant explained to me what bartering is not a good deal and gave me the links to all Denise Duffield-Thomas’s freebies. Being disappointed could not describe what I felt, I was thinking “I already listen to all of those freebies!“, but I never did it – consciously.

Attract More Wealth with Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp (Review) - quote

I took the decision to go back and do one of her exercises. What it meant was to declutter, to forgive, to acknowledge what I think and feel about money and to set intentions for the future. It took me a day or two to do all the exercises and I felt so liberated afterward and the result of it was that I made my first ever sale and it was a pretty big one. This gave me the confidence that Denise Duffield-Thomas really knows what she is talking about.

I even met with my Mastermind friends that week and told them “I do not know how, but I will buy Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp soon!” – even if no one really believed me, even I was a bit skeptic “What are you thinking? $797 it’s a lot of money“.

After less than 2 months, B-school appeared in my life. Again, another super expensive course that I really wanted to buy. This one was $2,000. So, after wanting a $797 course for months and not being able to buy it, now I wanted a $2,000 course? I know, sometimes I ask myself if I am crazy or just nuts. At first, my initial thought was “Cannot afford it, do not even think about it!“.

Then, I found out about a scholarship, so after procrastination and waiting until the last minute (literally), I video taped myself and put it out there for everyone to see. Me, so not perfect, in our one (small) bedroom apartment, on a Monday evening, wishing to get B-school for free.

Here is the video that I’ve sent, in case you want to see me.

Guess what? I was NOT on the list with those that got the scholarship. Big bummer. No B-school for me this year. That is what I thought, so I continued my life like nothing ever happened.

During the weekend, I get an email from Denise Duffield-Thomas saying that if I buy B-school through her affiliate link, I will automatically get Money Bootcamp FOR FREE. At first I was “Oh my God, really?“, but then again, how was I supposed to come up with the money to buy B-school?

On that Sunday morning, I woke up with some big questions that I had to write down. The questions were “What if this is your chance to make $100,000 this year? What if you buy B-school, you learn all about marketing and also get Money Bootcamp and shift your money beliefs and by this time next year, you will be so successful that $2,000 will seem like pocket money?

I then FELT I needed to take action and do EVERYTHING in my power to be able to buy B-school and get Money Bootcamp – finally!

By Monday evening, I had the money to pay the first month of B-school, using all our savings and some friends’ money. (I chose to pay $550 each month for 4 months). This is how I got to enroll to B-school and after 10 months to get my dream a reality, joining Money Bootcamp.

How Did Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp, Books and Community Helped Me?


After enrolling to B-school, I thought I would immediate get access to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ Money Bootcamp, but it did not happen – and now I thank God for that! I was a bit disappointed because I wanted so bad to start the bootcamp, and now I had to wait another 2 months to do so. But, luckily, Denise Duffield-Thomas gave me all her books for free and access to her Facebook community.

Being so keen on making the money to pay for B-school, I started listening to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ audion books while cooking (which I do daily for one hour at least) or cleaning. She has 2 amazing books:

By “accident” I started with her second book. Nothing happens without a reason, this is why I say “by accident“. It took a week to finish it, not only listening to it but also doing the exercises – cause reading/listening does nothing if you do nothing with it.

This book spoke to me and it came at the best time – March 2015. I spend a whole Friday only on a forgiving exercise. I wrote up to 7 – A4 pages with all my memories that lead to pain and I forgave myself and all the people involved in those situations.

I also, wrote a few pages with all my money blocks and did some tapping on it, rewrote them and change their meaning to a positive one and did some Ho’oponopono (which is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness). I did it all, no questions asked and waited to see what would change.

I am happy to say that March 2015 was our first month when we made $5,000 from our business. (we made this amount of money in the past, but from another online business, not blogging) This was HUGE, I could not believe my eyes and even my boyfriend could not believe it – it worked!

I then started to listen to Denise Duffield-Thomas’ first book, which is another great book, where I found out I had some other money blocks I did not know about. So, once again, I redid all the exercises, but this time it took less time and less crying. Dealing with the past and having to forgive people that did you wrong is not an easy task, but if you are brave enough to do it, you will heal your life, not only your money relationship.

The two months passed and I got access to the Money Bootcamp – the course I was waiting for and next I want to tell you more about it and it’s review. I thought it would be something really demanding and with lots of video content and exercises, but to my surprise and a bit disappointed, it was not. In fact, each week you have a 7-10 minutes video and one big exercise to do.

For someone like me, who does big things every week, this seemed so easy, that I was like “Oh, but I already did some decluttering. I am moving out next month, I will clean everything then…“. So what I did was NOTHING.

Yes, you heard it right. I did not go through the Money Bootcamp, because I felt comfortable with my situation, money was good, I was developing my business as a rate never seen before, so I did nothing.

Guess what happened next?

Money blocks and anxiety started to appear. The fear of not having enough, unexpected big bills and all sort of things started to appear, which made me realize that I have some work to do.

Recently, I started with Money Bootcamp, which is a 6-week course. I just started with the first week, where I learned to upgrade my life (from clothes to makeup, to a new bicycle etc) and clean and organize my environment. It took me a few days, but all my clothes are now nicely put in my closet, only the ones THAT I REALLY LIKE, I also ironed them all – I think it is the first time I ever did it, organized my perfumes, my accessories, my makeup, all my files, got a new desk, bought new clothes, received and bought new beauty products and the list goes on.

Now, I am about to continue with the next 5 weeks, but I already feel SO MUCH BETTER and shifted the money energy in my favor, having tripled our sales, a new big advertising contract for my health coaching website wellfitsyou.com, new payments coming through that were delayed, etc.

If the first week did all of the above, I can only imagine what the rest 5 will do – oh, yes, I have a vivid imagination and big goals.

Another aspect that I am very grateful for is the Facebook Community. Almost daily, someone posts about hitting a new income goal, like $10,000 in overnight sales or finding the dream home at an affordable price. It is so empowering to see so many people living in abundance, makes you believe that it is possible for yourself as well.

Although I have not finished the course yet, I already see the benefits of it and this is why I wanted to write a Money Bootcamp Review, to help you to get access to it, while it’s still cheap (after 23rd of July 2015 the course will close and open up in October twice as expensive).

My dear, we can all be rich, beautiful, happy and healthy, but only if we really believe that we can and if we work on our beliefs. All those beautiful successful women are not necessarily smarter or luckier, they just work constantly on their thoughts and mental blocks.

If you are curious to attend a FREE webinar, called “The Mindset Shifts of Making Passive Income” with Denise Duffield-Thomas, please click here to sign up. She will guide you through the most common money blocks and you will get a glimpse of what she is teaching in the Money Bootcamp

I hope I’ll meet you in the facebook group – if you do join, please let me know, I would love to chat with someone like you, cause we must be so alike and I love making new friends that are on the same self-development journey as I am.

The world needs more women as we are – strong, independent, confident and with a big heart to change the world.

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