Opening a Salon Checklist: What You Need to Skyrocket Your Salon Business

//Opening a Salon Checklist: What You Need to Skyrocket Your Salon Business
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Americans spent $63 billion in salon services in 2017. It’s safe to say that people like to look good, and they like to have help with making that happen.

If you love keeping up with style trends and helping people look their best, opening up a salon may be the right business move for you.

But what all is involved? What do you need to get set up? What equipment do you need to buy?

Take a look at this handy opening a salon checklist to learn the basics!

Become a Legal Business

First things first, you need to have all your ducks in a row before you begin. Before you get to the fun part of picking out a location, decorating, and buying equipment, get your legal structure set up.

You can set your business up as a sole proprietor, partnership, or an LLC. Each type has their pluses and minuses. Sole proprietors and partnerships leave your personal assets more vulnerable in a lawsuit. But LLC’s come with far more tax headaches.

Location, Location, Location!

Once you get the business stuff out of the way, it’s time to start planning your salon. The first thing is to pick the right location. As they say in real estate, location is everything.

A popular location may help you gain extra walk-in clients. But you’ll pay a premium for rent. You’ll have to earn enough extra revenue from those walk-ins to cover the extra expense.

However, you don’t want a little hole in the wall that no will ever find either. The rent may be cheap, but you’ll hear crickets when it comes to customers.

Buy the Right Equipment

Once you’ve got your space, you need to start filling it! There are a million things that you can buy for your salon. But for now, you just need the basics. Let’s look at the most important things. You can also learn more here about the right salon equipment.

Hairdressing Chairs

The right hairdressing chairs are of the utmost importance in a hair salon. People like to be comfortable, and some procedures require them to be seated there for a long time.

Some customers may love your salon but not come back because they can’t handle the backache your chairs gave them. Be sure to invest in quality chairs to avoid that.

Reception Area Furniture

The reception area should also be comfortable and inviting. You’ll need a desk where you can keep everything organized and welcome clients as they enter.

Also, a few comfortable chairs or couches will ensure that folks are comfortable while they wait to see a stylist.


Whether you go with big hood hairdryers or handheld ones, these are a must in your salon. They’ll see a lot of use, so don’t be afraid to invest in good ones.

Storage Space

You don’t want to have a messy, cluttered salon. Be sure that each styling station includes storage space so stylists can easily organize their tools. Extra storage in the back for little-used items is also good.


Customers want to see what’s going on with their hair. Be sure to hang mirrors at each stylist station so they can see themselves.

Opening a Salon Checklist: Check!

We hope this quick opening a salon checklist has helped you as you plan for your new business venture. For all the latest in beauty care tips, feel free to visit our blog!

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