Short on Time? Short Exercise Routines May Actually be Good for You!

//Short on Time? Short Exercise Routines May Actually be Good for You!
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Think you’re too busy to exercise or get in shape? Think again! You don’t need to run marathons or spend hours pumping iron in the gym to reap the benefits of working out.

As it turns out, moving your body for just a few minutes a day can be insanely good for you- both mentally and physically.

If you can devote yourself to a 10 minute exercise, you can be well on your way towards improved health.

Let’s get into what you need to know!

How And Why Short Exercise Cycles Work

All those tiny bits and pieces of exercise you do throughout the day can add up to some pretty significant results. In fact, research shows that every ‘brisk’ moment of movement can count towards improving cardiovascular health and preventing weight gain.

That’s substantial! In other words, committing a few minutes to walk your dog or doing a few yoga stretches can make a profound difference in your health.

Moreover, splitting up exercise into smaller chunks can help control your appetite. If you’re trying to consume fewer calories, you probably notice how increased exercise can make you hangry.

However, by working out in smaller increments, you likely won’t notice the intense appetite swings that commonly occur when you participate in activities that require more endurance. In fact, when taking the shorter exercise approach, you may feel fuller throughout the day. That’s because your body will burn energy in a more even manner- as opposed to drastically at one time.

Even if you tend to overdo it on brownies or tacos (read more here for that) or you haven’t put that fancy gym membership to use, there’s no time like right now to commit to manageable fitness.

How To Sneak In Time For Exercise

When you think about it, 10 minutes isn’t very much time. With the average person awake for about 16 hours, that gives us, well, 96 opportunities every single day to make the most of 10 minutes.

Make a plan and stick with it. Write it down to hold yourself accountable and record your workouts. 10 minutes every day. That’s 60 minutes a week, and that’s absolutely manageable.

For starters, you can try waking up a few minutes earlier. Studies show that working out first thing in the morning can improve your energy levels all day long. If you need another excuse to not hit snooze on your alarm, consider that you’re actually waking your body up by moving it!

After that, you can get creative with how you restructure your daily living. Could you sneak in a round of pushups or jumping jacks when watching television? What about taking a longer walk with your dog around the neighborhood after work? Could you consider biking to run your errands once a week?

10 Minute Exercise Ideas To Try Today

Do we have you convinced to try out short workouts? If so, let’s get into a few of our favorite routines.

Bodyweight Workout

Ready to feel the burn? Get ready for a total body workout.

Time 30 seconds of the following:

  • Burpees
  • Bodyweight squats
  • Plank
  • Pushups (on hands or knees)
  • Rest (30 seconds)

Repeat 4 times.

Lower Body Workout

Want to tone up those legs or firm up that booty? Consider this 10 minute lower body power workout.

  • Lunges for 1-minute rotating lugs
  • Plank for 1 minute
  • Left side plank for 30 seconds
  • Right side plank for 30 seconds
  • Bodyweight or jumping squats for 1 minute
  • Mountain climbers for 1 minute

Repeat the circuit more time. No rest.

Cardio Tabata Workout

Want to get your heart rate up and scorch more calories in a shorter amount of time? This one has you covered.

  • Jumping jacks (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10 seconds)
  • Jumping rope (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10 seconds)
  • Jumping squats (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10 seconds)
  • Burpees (20 seconds)
  • Rest (10 seconds)

Repeat the circuit one more time for a complete ten minutes.

Other 10 Minute Ideas

If you’re strategic and creative, you can turn any workout into a mini exercise. And remember, training doesn’t have to be boring.

For example, why not turn up your favorite music and throw yourself a private dance party! Make sure that you’re really twisting and shaking and getting down with your playlist. Don’t forget to sing out loud.

Like the idea of cardio without the time commitment? Consider doing a series of 1-minute sprints with short rest periods in between. You can do this with essentially any form of cardiovascular activity including running, cycling, swimming, and using gym equipment.

For strength training exercises, bodyweight fitness is a simple fix. Consider doing the following exercises until reaching failure:

  • Pushups
  • Dips
  • Pull-ups
  • L-sits
  • Holding plank
  • Bodyweight squats

Best of all? Gym equipment isn’t required. You can enjoy these exercises in the comfort of your own living room.

Include Friends and Family

Stay accountable with your fitness goals by including your loved ones in your process. If you have children, there’s no reason you can’t exercise along with them. After all, what kid doesn’t like jumping rope or playing hopscotch?

Furthermore, you exercising models healthy, positive behavior for the people around you. If you’re concerned about your family’s health, this is an incentive to exhibit that you’re taking the first step towards taking care of yourself.

Final Thoughts On The Power of 10 Minute Exercise

Being busy isn’t an excuse for neglecting your physical and mental health. In fact, you may find that prioritizing exercise sharpens your mind and improves your focus on all the other things you love during the day.

Furthermore, anyone can make time for a 10 minute exercise! Commit to making fitness a priority, and you may even notice that you find more time throughout the day.

Are you interested in more ways to improve your health? Be sure to check out our health blog today!

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