Easy Hairstyle Ideas For New Year’s Eve

//Easy Hairstyle Ideas For New Year’s Eve

Every time a big party comes up, all of us face the dilemma of “What to do with my hair?”. During the holiday season we are going to an important event almost every week, so by the time we reach New Year’s Eve not only we are out of ideas, but also we do not have the desire to spend an hour on doing our hair.

Not to worry ladies, there are still plenty of easy hair tricks you can pull off and look chic without the frustration of going to the salon or investing a serious amount of time. Brace yourselves, I am about to share with you several hair inspiration ideas I find refreshingly easy, but still  interesting and eye-catching.

The Donut Bun

The donut bun is a life-saver. It has been a big thing in hair trends for some time now. And with a reason- the donut comes in diverse sizes and colours – you just have to find the right fit for your hair. Moreover, it is really THAT easy – you just slip it on and roll. If you are feeling more adventures, it provides the opportunity for a different finish– a braid for example. Or you can always spice things up with a beautiful hair accessory.

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: beautyheaven.com

Making things more interesting!

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: tumblr.com

Instead you can try to finish the bun with a braid!

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: lefaerie.com

So classy!


The Braid

Next stop: braids. All kinds and sizes are so in right now. The rule here is that the messier, the better. Even for fancy occasions as New Year’s Eve do not be afraid to go messy. You would be surprised how elegant a messy fishtail braid can look. Moreover, you can mix and match different braids and play with the placement (the front braid is, oh, so popular). Of corse, here you can play with sparkle and hair accessories once more. The choice is completely yours and the best part is that a braid takes no more than fifteen minutes!


Found on: hairextensions-usa.com

The messier the better! And did you notice the flower?

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: brit.co

Effortless chic!

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: digitaloutbackphoto.com

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: indulgy.com via stylebistro.com

Easy breezy and beautiful!


The Hair Accessory

Ladies, this is the easiest way out. No matter what kind of hair you have: straight or wavy, long or short, blond or brunette, the hair accessory can work for all of them. There is not much need to do anything more unless you want to. However, you can wear your hair up or down and still use a hair accessory.  Pretty much it is enough to slap it on and you will look fabulous. The only hard part is choosing – there are so many choices right now – gems, feathers, flowers, pearls, gold, silver you name it. You can really have fun with this one!

Hair InspirationFor New Year's Eve

Found on: onewed.com

This look is so 20’s! And so in style right now.

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: womandot.com

Hair Inspiration For New Year's Eve

Found on: onewed.com

Real pice of art for your head!

One last pice of advice whatever you choose for yourself it has to feel right because the only way to look gorgeous is to first feel like it!

I cannot wait to hear what did you do with your hair for the big night!

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