New Year’s Eve Grub That Your Guests Will Remember!

//New Year’s Eve Grub That Your Guests Will Remember!

New years eve is one of the biggest nights of the year, so if your hosting the party this year and want to impress your guests, look no further! These treats will do just that.  Keeping your guests (and their tummy’s) happy as you party into the new year together.

Appetizers are the best way to make sure all your guests will get something they enjoy giving them a range of yummy options they cannot resist. So enough with the talking, here are my top 5 New years eve appetizers that will leave your guests wanting more…

1. Parmesan shortbread’s with mozzarella cherry tomatoes and pesto



These Parmesan shortbread’s with mozzarella cherry tomatoes and pesto are a perfect pick up snack to keep your guests happy, cute little stars to give a magical feel to the night as you head towards 2015! Even better that they aren’t much fuss to make so you have plenty of time to make yourself and your home look fabulous.


2. Shrimp satay skewer shooters with Thai spicy peanut sauce

Satay skewer shooters will add a touch of sophistication to the night in their delightful shot sized glasses. Full of flavor and they look great. These are bound to impress your guests! Most of this can be prepared the night before, so that’s yet again more time to spend relaxing before your fun filled evening.

3. Cranberry chipotle cocktail meatballs

Easy cranberry chipotle cocktail meatballs

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Yummy festive meatballs that look just as good as they taste and are the perfect addition to sit along side the rest of your party treats, better yet they are super easy to make. Another time saver! The perfect all rounder that everyone is bound to enjoy.

4. Red velvet swirl brownies 

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Everyone loves brownies and these red velvet swirls have the wow factor to impress your guests, even better the colors tie in perfectly with the other appetizers! Bringing your selection of goodies together in the tastiest way possible.


5. Boozy blueberry and strawberry cheesecake Popsicle’s 

Boozy blueberry and strawberry cheesecake Popsicle's

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My final choice is a frozen boozy delight, after all it is new years eve! No fuss needed with these so you can relax for the remainder of your night. Keeping your guests feeling refreshed as the party is hotting up on your countdown to 2015.

So there you have it, my five top party appetizers that will be the talk of the town for weeks to come! Best of all these recipes are fairly quick and easy yet packed with flavor. so you can enjoy your night just as much as everyone else!

Do you enjoy this choice for the NYE menu?

Comment bellow and tell us your favorite dishes for this special night? 

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