Fall is finally upon us meaning the leaves are falling, the rain is pouring and all of our favourite knits are beginning to emerge. Whilst styling is a major player when it comes to seasonal fall trends it is important that we realign our focus to beauty. Beauty looks need to cater for rainy days, sunny days, cold days and all those days in between. This is why it’s important we rely on must-have beauty products. Whilst your makeup look may look all over fabulous at 6 am in your mirror, you cannot guarantee its impact will remain for the rest of the day which is a must when it gets to this time of year.

Fall beauty trends are a favourite of mine. It is all about pigments, rich colours and our beloved matte. The colours found amongst our favourite beauty products are often duplicates of those found in our wardrobes, and with good reason.

Here I present to you my favourite products for AW15. These are some of my best buys and everyday go-to products!

8 Must-Have Beauty Products

#1 URBAN DECAY- Smokey Palette 

This is a palette that had been on my wish list for quite some time and was one of the most anticipated beauty products over the Summer. This new palette is a collection of exclusives, favourites and best-sellers from the other three Urban Decay Naked palettes.

The Smoky palette is evidently a lot darker and deeper in its colours. It allows you to experiment with black, greys and silvers to create the perfect party look (we are already thinking of the holidays!). This palette isn’t for everyone, due to intensive use of black, but it is a worth-while investment and perfect for experimentation! Nothing says a fall party night like a smokey eye.


#2 URBAN DECAY- Eyeshadow Primer 

While the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer goes hand in hand with the smokey palette, it is a stand-alone product that I believe is crucial to creating the perfect eye look regardless of what eye shadow you choose.

The only way I discovered this product was through using a free sample and I would never go back. It holds any excess product that filters onto your face after shadow application and makes sure your eye makeup is long lasting.

#3 BOBBI BROWN- Highlighting Powder

This works miracles. I had been searching for the perfect highlighter for years and after discovering this gorgeous compact I cannot fault it. Whilst my favourite shade is the pink glow, a bronze glow is also available – but maybe we will save that for next season when things get a little warmer.

This has all the features of the limited edition Chanel silver highlighter that was part of their holiday collection last year but at an affordable price. I find this is one beauty product that requires minimal effort to use yet has maximum impact. When your skin is a little dry from that cold winter this a perfect makeup bag essential needed to provide you with that instant glow.

#4 NARS- Blush 

I have a love/hate relationship with my blush. While it adds colour to your cheekbones, I don’t always believe it has the impact that you desire. That was until I came across Nars blush which works an absolute dream. My favourite shade is Super Orgasm and it comes in a significant variety of colours. Super Orgasm lies in the middle of the range between blush and bronzer in regards to colour.

I find myself attached to that Summer bronze that requires too much attention to uphold in the Autumn/Winter months. The colour that Nars blush provides is vivid, complimentary and the perfect balance.

#5 LOUBOUTIN- Lipstick 

Okay, so this is one hundred percent a wish list item. Whilst Louboutin nails were fabulous it was time this exquisite beauty range entered a new dimension. While these divine lipsticks, all available in fall’s hottest colour such as the deepest burgundy, are a little pricey it is without a doubt they will fall nothing short of perfection.

There is a variation of both textures and shades with my favourite being matte for fall- a minimal texture and bold colour instantly screams statement.

#6 DOLCE & GABBANA- Peacock Eyeliner 

Here we have my favourite of all our fall beauty products. Sometimes experimenting can be a little daunting even if the trend is appealing. One of the hottest beauty products around is colour eyeliner. I know what you are thinking, are we still in the 90s?

I promise you darlings we only do chic and this is so much more. While it’s available in blue, it is peacock purple that I was instantly drawn too. Placing this just below your lash line and in the inner corners of your eyes instantly gives you a new flawless eye look.

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#7 DIOR- Bronze Self-Tanner 

I as much as anyone absolutely love a tan but I constantly rely on spray tans which are far from practical. The Dior bronze tanner is one of my favourite beauty products for these coming months when it’s time to wrap up.

This is one self-tanner that I can honestly say is perfect to use on your face (I find myself missing my face out when using other brands) so while your sun-deprived skin is wearing polo knits and thick tights your skin is glowing with a dose of ‘instant sun’.

#8 BURBERRY- My Burberry Perfume 

So, I may be a little bias, but My Burberry is divine. It is described as a walk in a British garden after it has just been raining, and the description couldn’t be any more perfect. This subtle scent is a go-to for every day use and complimentary to your mood, scene and weather. Make My Burberry your AW15 scent you will not regret!

These must-have beauty products are by far my favourite as we enter AW15 and couldn’t be any more different to my Spring/Summer favourites. There is something about Autumn that makes you want to add a little extra effort and embrace the weather. These on-trend beauty products will provide you with the ultimate glam fix for any fall.

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