Tired of wearing the same old, same old pair of regular/boyfriend/skinny jeans? Time to rejoice! I hear flared jeans have made a serious comeback and nothing’s more casual-chic than a pair of these babies, especially for the following season. How to wear flared jeans? Well, I prepared some beautiful types for you, so stay tuned and don’t go just yet!

I, personally, do not own a pair of this type of jeans and I’m not quite confident that they are my thing. I don’t know how will I look wearing them and I don’t know what type of shoes fit them best. So I’m going to take this as a definite challenge and promise myself that next time I go shopping, I will try a pair of flared jeans just to see how they look. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even end up buying a pair.

History of flared jeans

Let’s travel through time and go back to the 70s when flared jeans were a real hit. I’m sure we won’t regret it and I’m pretty sure we’ll find the inspiration we’ve been looking for in order to wear them.

“Bell bottom pants were functional for the US Navy personnel allowing them to easily remove their boots. They were also easy to roll up and easier to take off if they became wet making them perfect for the Navy branch of the U.S. military.” (Bell Bottom Pants 1970’s)

It’s not a surprise that celebrities and musicians started wearing them and making them a fashion item. Remember Abba, Spice Girls, Charlie’s Angels TV show or even Victoria Beckham? She still wears flares and looks hot. And she’s not the only one. Besides Victoria, who is an inspiring woman when it comes to fashion, I remember other celebrities who know how to wear flared jeans: Rachel Zoe, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Nicole Ritchie. Just take a look at some of their outfits. But enough about “then” and let’s focus on “now”.

How To Wear Flared Jeans

We’ve been wondering how to wear them. In my opinion, you should definitely take out from this combination the sneakers. This is what I would do. I think flares are worn best with any type of heels and no type of flats. If you feel the 70s vibe, add a pair of wooden platform heels to your flared jeans, tuck your white T-shirt in and you’ve got yourself a casual and effortlessly chic look. It fits everyone.

Joe’s High-Rise Flared Jeans, Hana Wash

The light black, grey and even dark black versions of the flared jeans create an optical illusion, making you seem way taller. Again, this happens only if you wear them with heels. Add to these a dark coloured top or shirt and you’ve really got yourselves an optical illusion.


Women’s Faded Black Wash Mid Rise Bell Flare Jeans

Want to feel even more the 70 vibe? Cut in a fitted silhouette with this pairs of vintage-looking light blue flares. The fact that they have a high waist and the white cropped top make you look and feel like you’re coming out of a 70s movie set.

Urban Renewal Vintage Levi’s 70s Flare Jeans

You have here another pair of flared jeans, only this time, the length is much shorter (above the ankle), giving you the chance to show off your new brogues or your new leather ankle booties. With a leather jacket and a hat on your head, you could aim for a Parisian chic look. 

BDG Cropped Mini Kick Flare Jeans

All-white look involving flared jeans? Yes, you can. Accessories are here the key! Add some of your favourite metallic and coloured bracelets, rings or a watch, tuck your white shirt in and put an accent on the belt and be careful what shoes you chose to complete you outfit.

how to wear flared jeans


Liquor & Poker Low Rise Skinny Flares With Ripped Knee

Coloured flared jeans look cute, especially these pink ones. I love the combination of pink and white, and that sheer blouse looks divine. Try a fresh and feminine look with this outfit, which clearly has nothing to do with the 70s and looks more like a today’s trendy fashion item.

how to wear flared jeans


Bell Flare Jeans In Pink

If you’re not a fan of flares but also got tired of wearing skinny jeans, you should try this pair of slightly flared and ripped jeans. You can elevate an after-work look by adding a pair of white sneakers (yes, I think that with this type of flares, sneakers are allowed) and a casual T-shirt.

Bell mid-rise flared jeans

For a more interesting take on the trend, try these cropped wide-leg dark flare jeans. A big must: wear them with high heels/stilettos. You can’t go wrong.


Valentino Dark Indigo Cropped Flare Jeans

Here is a classic look of flare jeans, a look that can easily be worn at work, especially if you mix them with a white shirt or blouse and some discreet heels. Your accessory should be a wrist watch. What do you think?

Women’s Dark Wash Flare Jeans

So, what do you think so far of the flared jeans? Do you think they are worth a shot? I think so. My personal favourite are the pink ones because they bring a touch of feminine to the look. Seeing how these jeans were used to be worn by both men and women back in the day, I think it’s better for us, girls, to bring some feminine accents.  As you can see, you can most certain wear flared jeans at work, for a casual feel or when going out. They are not elegant, but they are an alternative to your regular pair of jeans.

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Feature image: Asos

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