Must Do Things in Vegas for Your Bucket List

//Must Do Things in Vegas for Your Bucket List
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Are you planning your first-ever trip to Las Vegas?

If so, you’re probably going to be completely overwhelmed if you don’t come up with a plan prior to your arrival. There is so much to see and do in Sin City, and it can be a lot to take in for someone who has never been to Vegas.

If one of your goals during your trip is to check a bunch of items off your bucket list, there are a handful of must do things in Vegas that should be at the top of your itinerary.

Check out the 15 bucket list items you need to do during your Las Vegas vacation.

Take a Photo Next to the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

First things first!

Before you do anything else in Las Vegas, you should find the Welcome to Las Vegas sign that you’ve seen so many times on TV and snap a photo with it.

You should then post that photo to social media right away to let everyone know that you’re partaking in all Vegas has to offer.

It won’t be long before people are flooding the comment sections of your social media accounts letting you know about all the things you have to see.

You’ll never forget the first photo you take in Vegas. So make sure you make it count!

Drive a Supercar on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Do you have a real need for speed?

You can drive a whole host of supercars around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway thanks to Exotics Racing. They have Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and other cars that you’ve dreamed about driving in the past.

You can climb behind the wheel of one and learn how to drive it in no time. Then, you can take it out for a spin and get your Vegas trip on the right track as you zoom from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds.

There aren’t many other places you can drive supercars like this, so take advantage of the opportunity and do something you’ve never done before.

Attend a Wet and Wild Pool Party

You’ve probably been to plenty of pool parties in the past. But we guarantee you’ve never been to one like the pool parties that are thrown in Las Vegas.

Whether you decide to go hard at Rehab at the Hard Rock or kick back at the Encore Beach Club, you’ll have the time of your life splishing and splashing around with everyone else in attendance.

No matter what time of the year you go to Vegas, it’s going to be hot. So a pool party will give you the chance to cool off while you enjoy yourself during the day.

Watch the Water Show at the Bellagio

Just about everything that you do in Vegas will cost at least a little bit of money. But there are also a few things you can do for free.

The water show at the Bellagio is one of the things that won’t cost a dime, even though it’ll leave you with a lifetime worth of memories.

There’s a water show every 30 minutes between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday as well as one every 15 minutes between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Then, there’s one every half hour between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturdays and holidays as well as one every 15 minutes between 8 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Stop by the Bellagio to see the show at some point–and make sure you take a selfie when you do it!

Check Out Everything for Sale at One of the Most Famous Pawn Shops

You’ve probably spent countless hours at home watching Pawn Stars, the hit TV show that features the staff at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop buying and selling items from customers.

Every day, more than 3,500 people flock to the store to see what it’s all about in real life.

There is usually a line out the door, which means you’ll likely have to wait to walk through it. But it’ll be worth the wait just to tell all your friends at home that you were able to see it.

Bungee Jump Off the Stratosphere Hotel

Vegas itself will give you an instant shot of adrenaline from the time you touch down at the airport.

But if you need more adrenaline throughout the course of your Vegas vacation, one simple way to get it is by going bungee jumping off the Stratosphere. At 108 stories up, it’ll give you the thrill of a lifetime.

There are also a few amusement rides on top of the hotel that will also send adrenaline coursing through your veins.

Buy a Bottle at One of the Many Nightclubs

There are almost too many nightclubs to count in Vegas. You could spend a month in the city and still not get the chance to step inside all of them.

But that shouldn’t stop you from trying to get to as many clubs as possible during your trip. From Drai’s to TAO to Ghostbar, just take your pick and arrange to have bottle service to enjoy the best experience possible.

Go discover more about how to reserve a spot in your preferred hot spot.

Ride the Tallest Observation Wheel in the Entire World

At 550 feet tall, the High Roller is the tallest observation wheel in the world. It’ll allow you to see Vegas from a whole new vantage point.

It’ll also allow you to suck back a few drinks while you do it if you splurge and arrange to have a personal bartender take the ride with you.

You’ll get some crazy photos of Vegas from your cabin and enjoy a drink or two while you’re doing it.

Stuff Your Face at a Vegas Buffet (and Don’t Feel Bad About It!)

Make sure you hit the gym extra hard in the weeks leading up to your Vegas trip. Because you’re definitely going to pack on a few extra pounds as you eat your way through the city.

One of the most fun ways to do it is by stopping by any of the excellent buffets that are in town. From The Buffet at Wynn to the Wicked Spoon at The Cosmopolitan, you can get the full Vegas buffet experience at a number of different places.

Chow Down on the Best Steak You’ve Ever Eaten

When’s the last time you ate a steak that was aged for almost a year?

Chances are, you’ve never had the chance to do it. But you can do it when you book a reservation at CarneVino Italian Steakhouse in the Palazzo Hotel Casino.

They have a special riserva steak that is to die for. It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but it’ll be worth every bite.

Enjoy a Burlesque Show

Most people never get the opportunity to watch a burlesque show. So why not take the time to do it when you’re in Vegas?

There are so many to choose from. You can check out:

  • Crazy Girls at Planet Hollywood
  • X Burlesque at the Flamingo
  • SEXXY at the Westgate
  • Zombie Burlesque at Planet Hollywood
  • And so many more!

Open up your mind and see what a burlesque show is all about.

Look at Old Signs That Used to Dot the Vegas Skyline

Vegas hotels and casinos are always upgrading their exteriors and getting rid of their old signage so that they can replace it with newer signs.

Most of those signs end up getting discarded. But quite a few also end up in the Neon Museum.

You can take a stroll through the museum and see many of the signs that used to hang throughout the city. It’s a great way to see how far Vegas has come over the years.

Hop in a Helicopter and Ride Over the Strip

It’s easy to lose sight of just how beautiful the Las Vegas Strip is when you’re smack dab in the middle of it.

A helicopter ride over the Strip will put it back into the proper perspective.

Whether you choose to do it during the day or at night, you will see all that Vegas has to offer from a view that most people don’t get to enjoy.

Step Off the Strip and Check Out the Local Scenery

While there is more than enough to do right on the Strip, there is also so much nature to enjoy just outside of Vegas if you’re willing to take a short trip out of town.

You can spend a day exploring:

  • The Hoover Dam
  • The Colorado River
  • The Gold Strike Hot Springs
  • Mount Charleston
  • Lake Mead
  • And more!

Some of these sights are closer than others. But if you’re able to check any of them out, you should definitely do it.

Walk Into a Casino With $100 and Put It All on Red (or Black?)

What would a trip to Vegas be without a stop at the casino?

Whether you want to sit down for a few hands of blackjack or enter a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, gambling should be one of your must do things in Vegas.

You don’t want to spend all your time inside of a casino since there are so many other things to see and do.

But a couple hours in a casino couldn’t hurt. And who knows? You might even end up paying for your entire vacation while you’re there!

Check These Must Do Things in Vegas Off Your Bucket List Today

People go to Las Vegas for all kinds of reasons.

Some do it to attend a bachelorette party. Others go there to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

Regardless of your reason for going, you can take part in all of the must do things in Vegas without breaking the bank.

Check out our blog to get more travel tips before you start planning your next getaway.

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