Love What You See: Ten Steps to a Positive Body Image

//Love What You See: Ten Steps to a Positive Body Image
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If you’re not exactly in love with your body, you’re not alone. A whopping 97% of women (in other words, virtually all of us!) struggle with a negative body image.

Fortunately, this negative self image only exists in our mind. By changing the way we see the world around us and ourselves, we can easily develop a positive body image. Here are five steps to loving what you see in the mirror.

1. Focus on What Your Body Can Do, Not Its Appearance

Remember that your body is more than its outward appearance. It is made up of muscles, nerves, veins, blood, organs, and everything else that allows you actually live and breathe.

Instead of worrying about you perceive as love handles or flabby arms, focus instead on the everyday miracle your body is. It enables you to see, to walk, bake chocolate cookies, and give hugs to loved ones. Doesn’t that seem way more important than achieving a certain number on the scale?

2. Be Grateful for Your Body

Now that you’ve reminded yourself of everything you’re physically capable of, it’s time to feel gratitude for what your body can do. Not everyone can walk, drive, or ride a bike, so if you’re physically able to do these things, be grateful! Whatever dress size you are is irrelevant compared to being able to move about freely.

3. Focus on Part(s) That You Love

Everyone has body parts they’re less than enamored about and areas they’re proud of. Maybe you weren’t born with a willowy model’s frame and struggle to keep your stomach flat. But you may be the type who can sculpt their upper body quickly by lifting weights.

You are the sum of all parts of your body and that includes the ones you consider to be less than perfect. You should make it a regular practice to look at yourself in large mirrors every chance you get and tell yourself that you’re already whole, complete, and perfect.

4. Seek Out Positive Body Image Role Models

Social media is full of many content producers that come in all shapes and sizes. Chances are with a little searching you’ll easily find a body positivity warrior who has the same body shape as you. They most likely share the same insecurities, so you can learn valuable lessons from their posts.

You should also spend time with others in person that can be positive role models to you. Beauty is not one size fits all. Even the modeling industry has bucked trends in recent years by hiring plus size, transgender, and unconventional looking models.

5. Exercise to Feel Good, Not Look Good

There can be a lot of internal pressure to work out to lose weight and look perfect. But let’s face it; not all of us like going to the gym. A better way to approach exercise is to do physical activity that just makes you feel good.

It could be taking a walk in the woods, playing tag with your kids, or trying a new activity like a water sport. By doing activities you actually enjoy, you’ll inadvertently burn calories and build muscle strength.

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