How to Hire the Best Sales Associates for Your Boutique Store

//How to Hire the Best Sales Associates for Your Boutique Store
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According to research, 4.3 million people work in retail as sales associates.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is the most common job in the United States.

But does that mean every person who does or has worked retail is appropriate to work as a sales associates in your boutique? Probably not.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the things you’ll need to look for to hire the right salespeople for your store.

You don’t want to hire individuals who don’t fit with your store or its ethos at all and expect to train them to magically be good at retail.

Instead, you’ll need people who already fit in with what you do.

Read on for some top tips on hiring great sales associates.

1. Hire Sales Associates Who Are Dependable

Dependability is a must-have trait for all workers. That said, lots of people lack it. Make sure the people you hire will show up to work and show up to work on time.

While you can’t always be sure if people are dependable from the get-go, you can measure it by seeing if they are on time for interviews and training sessions. You can also speak to former managers and ask specifically about their dependability before extending an offer.

2. Hire People Who Are Able to Stand On Their Feet For Hours at a Time

While retail may be one of the most common jobs, many people still struggle with the physical exertion of it. If you work retail, you’ll need to be able to stand for the majority of the day. You’ll also need to be able to walk around the store to help customers or assist other team members.

Of course, if a sales associate is disabled and you can make reasonable accommodations, that’s entirely appropriate. But most sales associates you hire should be able to stand for five hours or more at a time.

3. Hire Personable People

Your goal at your boutique is presumably to sell your items. Hire people that are personable and make customers feel welcome in your store. You don’t want to hire people with zero social skills or who make customers feel awkward.

Instead, you want to hire people that are willing and able to carry a conversation, as well as to politely answer questions about products and inventory.

4. Hire People Who Fit In With Your Existing Team

You may already have a really good vibe going in your boutique, but you need to hire someone new. If you like the vibe you have going, make sure you hire someone that fits in well with the existing staff.

If you trust your staff, you may even consult them when it comes to hiring new people. This way, they can help you pinpoint future employees that they will feel comfortable with.

After all, a sales associate isn’t only going to be responsible to you. He or she will also need to work well with other sales associates and any other senior members of staff who work in your store. This ensures that your boutique runs smoothly.

5. Hire Someone Who is a Quick Learner

When a new person starts at your company, they’ll need to absorb a lot of information quickly. Of course, they won’t be the perfect employee straight out of the gate, but they do need to pick up skills quickly.

They’ll need to not only learn about the brand or brands but also need to pick up new skills and learn about your company’s culture. It should not take someone too long to be able to do this successfully if they’re a good sales associate.

6. Hire Someone Who Knows a Lot About Your Brand or Products

If someone is a superfan of your store, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to be a good worker. But it does help. If they’re passionate about your brand before they’ve ever set foot into your door to work there, it shows initiative.

It also shows that they’ll be better able to inform your customers on what to buy or information about the products. This is because they’re already looking at them and studying them on their own time.

Someone who loves your brand is a great asset to your company. Treat them well and make sure they still love the brand after working with you for a few months.

7. Hire Someone Who is Good at Customer Service

Of course, anyone you hire should be personable, but good customer service goes the extra mile. Not only should a sales associate be friendly, but they should also offer an excellent level of service.

Someone who has high customer service skills is able to think on their feet and offer solutions to problems creatively. They’re also always willing to help the customer and accommodate them within the parameters of your company’s policies.

Customers should feel as though their business is appreciated, and how sales associates treat them is an important aspect of that.

To that end, store management software is an important customer service tool that can help you sell your products and give your sales associates an edge.

Hiring the Best Sales Associates for Your Team

If you’re still not sure who to hire for your next sales associates, sit down and make a list with your current team. Discuss the skills you feel are essential for a new team member and ones that are highly desirable. Ensure that you hire someone who fits this picture you’ve created together.

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