What to Know About Flying with a Newborn Baby

//What to Know About Flying with a Newborn Baby
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Flying with a newborn baby can be a rewarding, albeit stressful, experience. It’s certainly not easy, but you might be surprised that air travel with your baby is often easier than traveling with older children. All you need is a little foresight and planning, and a lot of patience and extra time.

Here’s what you need to know about flying with a newborn to make your trip as nightmare-free as possible:

Your Newborn Can Fly For Free

Children two and under don’t need their own ticket if they will be sitting on your lap. However, if you prefer for your baby to remain in their car seat on board the flight, you’ll need to purchase a ticket.

Arrive Early

Babies have their own schedules, and they don’t always align with yours. Allow yourself extra time to park, gather your luggage, and get through security. Chances are your newborn will need to be fed or changed before your flight. Giving yourself enough time will mean less chance of rushing to the gate to board your flight, plus it gives parents a little peace of mind knowing they won’t be late.

Pack Your Baby’s Things Separately

Airline regulations regarding liquids do not apply to breast milk or formula. If you’re bringing breast milk with you, do not send it through the X-ray machine. Packing these items separately can ensure they are better handled by TSA agents.

Also, keep in mind that if you do purchase a ticket for your baby, he or she is considered a passenger. This means your baby can bring a carry-on and personal items, such as a suitcase and diaper bag.

Flight Attendants Accommodate Families Flying With a Newborn

Your flight crew aims to make every guest’s experience delightful, whether their guests are nine days old or ninety years old. They’ll be happy to grab you an extra pillow or blanket, help you store your carry-on, warm your baby’s bottle, or other tasks to make your flight easier. Don’t hesitate to ask.

You Aren’t Limited to Major Airports

If you’re nervous about airport security, unhealthy airport food, or losing important luggage (like your baby’s car seat or stroller), you don’t have to fly commercially. Consider booking a private charter jet, like West Palm Jet Charter, that can help you avoid busy airports and get you and your family to your destination quickly and safely.

When you add up the costs of plane tickets, baggage fees, food, and other expenses, you might find that a private charter jet makes a more cost effective option.

Plan for Ground Transportation

Your baby rode in a car seat to the airport, and he or she will need to leave the destination airport the same way. Make sure you bring along his or her car seat. You can gate check the car seat to save on luggage fees. You might be able to bring it on board if you have an empty seat next to you.

In Closing

Flying with a newborn can be tricky, even for seasoned parents. If you’re hesitant to fly commercially, remember you do have other options. A private jet charter could help eliminate the most common hassles of flying with a newborn and make your entire trip more enjoyable.

Remember, flying as a family is a new experience for everyone, and you need to work together. The best thing you can do is plan ahead and enjoy the trip.

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