Keeping the Family Together: Signs it’s Time to Go to Couples Therapy

//Keeping the Family Together: Signs it’s Time to Go to Couples Therapy
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Are you and your spouse not as close as you used to be?

Have the butterflies of the early marriage years been replaced by professional life and parenting duties?

Are you and your partner experiencing more differences than agreements? Are you spending more time apart than together? Do you feel like you don’t know each other anymore?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, considering couples therapy is overdue.

Getting a third-party, unbiased opinion can be the turning point for marriages facing struggles.

Here Are Four Signs it is Time to Go to Couples Therapy

1. Communication Is Confrontation

Do you find yourself arguing with your partner more than laughing? Is the new normal to shout or pick a fight over basic things like household chores and what to watch on TV?

If so, your communication needs work.

A healthy couple is one that can talk through their differences and reach a common ground. It is when both parties are willing to be positive, understand the other side, and compromise.

When this aspect of being in a relationship is on its way out, it is time for a therapist to step in. Having a third party can help couples go back to the basics of how to understand and communicate with one another.

2. The House Is a Battlefield

If arguments have progressed to long-standing tension, it’s not good.

Many marriages that go to couples therapy admit to spending time in separate areas of the house. The point of sharing a roof is to make a home. Yet, when your partner has become a stranger, there’s a clear problem.

A house is a place to share and grow in your union.

If you find that both you and your partner are not comfortable sharing the couch, or let alone the same room, you need to get in a couples therapy room sooner rather than later.

3. Sex Is Slim

Sex is part of what makes a marriage.

Remember the days you were all over each other? When you could not wait to get home or often planned romantic evenings?

A clear sign of a couple in need of marriage restoration is one that is no longer having sex.

Talking about this part of marriage with an outside ear can help couples get to the bottom of what is really going on. If you used to be hot and heavy, the attraction did not suddenly disappear.

Making the effort to go to therapy can reveal what needs to be addressed in the bedroom — and outside of it.

4. You’ve Tried and Tried, but Nothing Works

When all else fails, go to couples therapy.

Many marriages think a rough patch is something they can work through. Although some do, there are cases when enough is enough and help is needed.

Taking the time to talk about the happiness that once was can bring back the adventure and joys of love.

Have you and your spouse considered or attended therapy together? Let us know your results below.

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