5 Dress Styles You Need to Wear This Summer

//5 Dress Styles You Need to Wear This Summer
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Summer is in full swing, and whether you’re in a big city or out in the countryside this season, there’s a dress for every setting you’ll be in.

Many women shy away from dresses because they seem too “dressy” or aren’t comfortable enough. Knowing which dress style will give you optimal comfort but also fit the occasion is important. Certain dress styles will allow you to look fantastic but also stay dry and comfortable throughout your day.

We’ve created a list of 5 of the ultimate summer dresses for you to sport before the season is over:

1. The Deconstructed Dress

Patterns, stripes, spots, and flowers are prints we love right now. The prints come in various forms and can be mixed and matched with any purse or shoe. With the floating silhouettes and creative straps, you are sure to turn some heads this summer.

With the ever-flowing fabric these dresses come in, it creates a romantic feel while maintaining a modern essence. The dress is a statement itself, so there is no need to over accessorize.

Pair this dress with some new summer pearly whites and you’ll dazzle in cities across the globe.

2. The Midi

A favorite of women across the globe is the Midi. It wasn’t so popular a few years ago but has made quite a comeback.

The trick is finding a midi with the right length and shoulder cut. Since it comes in so many dress styles, find one that is most flattering for your body. Many styles have a tight cinch at the waist and a high neck, making for a gorgeous silhouette.

This dress can be dressed up, or down with a pair of ankle boots and some bohemian earrings.

3. Boho Bomber

When it comes to dress styles this summer, this one is a must have in your closet. You can even wear it this summer and then pull it out again for spring. While many high-end designers have created a version of this dress, you can find it online at a steal.

Consider having a Boho number made for you with your own customized fabric. Inspired By Elle makes gorgeous floral art that can easily be painted on or translated to fabric.

It’s a floaty frock that is great for the warm weather. It’s also a versatile dress that can be worn for many occasions. You can even put it on over a bikini and hit the pool deck. Throw a light jacket on the dress as you head into fall to make your Boho number last.

4. Anything Yellow

We can thank Beyonce’s Lemonade album drop for the recurring gorgeous yellows that we are seeing everywhere this summer.

It’s the color of the season, and every major star seems to have a version of “the yellow dress” this summer. Consider lemon, marigold, sunflower, and custard to wear this season.

This color looks fantastic with black accessories. A black pump, black belt, and some cool shades will complete your look.

5. Ruffled Maxi

The ruffled necklines and asymmetrical look turn the basic maxi into a showstopper. It’s a contemporary and unique dress. Pair this special dress with any sharp-pointed shoe and a small handbag.

Dress styles aren’t only a chic option, they are a healthy option for your lady parts.

Make It Count

Regardless of where you are going this summer season, make it count with dress styles that will add a touch of grace to your day to day.

Whether you want to turn heads or stay comfortable, these dress styles are for you. Want more beauty tips and fashion help? Click here!

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