How to Use a Table Saw Properly

//How to Use a Table Saw Properly
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Want to make shelves for your home? A neat bird feeder to go in your yard? Perhaps board game pieces for family game night? 

A table saw can help you do all these things and much more. It’s a pretty versatile tool that DIYers from all over have added into their arsenal.

The real problem is, how do you use the dang thing?

If you don’t know how to use a table saw properly, you could be setting yourself up for a dangerous situation. 

Keep reading to learn how to make the most out of this tool and use it safely. 

Table Saw Safety 

Before we jump into the table saw basics, it’s important that you’re aware of the risks and know how to avoid them. The piece of wood you’re cutting could kick back and fly at you at high speeds. 

The wood could stutter and jerk your fingers close to the blade. To this end, never start the saw while the wood you’re cutting is resting on the blade. 

Keep the wood flat on the table while you cut. Don’t wear baggy clothing and always (we can’t stress this enough) wear safety glasses.

Remember that even the Best Table Saw For Beginner can pose a threat if your mind is wandering. So, always stay focused on your task at hand and you’ll be fine. 

Parts of the Table Saw

Next, it’s important to know more about the tool you’re using. Let’s go over the different parts. First, there is the table. 

The table is the flat part that sits on top of the base. The fence is a guide that rests parallel to the blade. The fence dog locks the fence in place. 

The blade insert is the place where the blade goes. The blade height adjustment wheel allows you to adjust the height of the blade.

The blade angle adjustment wheel allows you to change the angle of the blade. Then there is the power button that turns the blade on and off. 

The Types of Cuts You Can Do

There are three different types of cuts you can make on a table saw. The first one is the cross-cut. The cross-cut is a cut across any narrow part of the board. 

To perform this cut, you’ll need a miter gauge. The ripping cut is the one you’re most likely going to be doing more often than not. It’s a straight cut right down the length of the wood. 

The dado cut is a wide cut that can be done by both using a miter gauge and a specialty blade. 

How to Use a Table Saw the Right Way 

Table saws are a pretty amazing tool to add to your workshop. They’re not too hard to use and they allow you to make unique cuts that other saws can’t. 

Use this guide on how to use a table saw to get your work done as safely as possible. 

You can use a table saw for all kinds of design projects. Check out the home section of our blog daily for all the latest home improvement ideas. 

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