Easy Does It – How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps

//Easy Does It – How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps
  • How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps

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Have you ever found yourself looking in the mirror, feeling absolutely horrible because you wish you could look better, but you just do not have the skills and time? Plus, do you think that only an expert could ever fix you?

If the answer is YES to both questions, I must have a word with you! You are beautiful just the way you are and although an expert might make you look fabulous, that does not mean that you cannot do it yourself! Looking gorgeous every day is not impossible and does not have to take hours. Easy really does it and I am going to teach you how to look flawless in 7 steps, just continue reading!

To be honest, running 2 blogs does not give me enough time to spot all the beauty products or read tons of reviews about which one is the best. Plus, I do think it is a waste of money to buy 5 types of the same kind of product, just to see which one works. What really saves me time and money – real investment, is the Target Beauty Box. For a fraction of the price (it costs as much as your daily latte) I get to try new products. They ship it to your door in a beautiful box. Seriously, what else could I wish for? Easy does it and Target really makes my life a whole lot easier!

If I can have it all, you can too! With or without the Target Box (although, with it things are so much easier) here are my personal 7 tips on how to look your best, day after day!

How To Look Flawless In 7 Easy Steps

#1. Wake up early

Waking up a bit earlier than you would usually do (15 minutes might cut it) will give you plenty of time to relax and enjoy your mornings. I believe mornings should be a fun experience for us girls because we get to focus on how we want our day to look like. Those extra minutes, each morning, will relieve you of all the stress you might have when you are rushing to get to work.

#2. Take a shower


There is nothing better than a morning shower. When the hot water touches your skin and the lovely smell of the shampoo reaches your nose, it feels like magic. Just make sure you do not lose yourself in there (it happened to me a few times!). Personally, I love the scent of SheaMoisture Renewal System Shampoo in the morning and I am curious to see if I am the only one. Have you tried it?

#3. Reserve 10 minutes for makeup


It is very important that you make time for makeup. I found that 10 minutes does the trick, if you have the right tools. Apply your moisturizer (I suggest Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream), your compact foundation, powder, bronzer and illuminator (should only take 2 minutes) and finish with touching up your brows (brown eye shadow works perfectly) and eye lashes – mascara and if you are bold, some eyeliner.

#4. Make a cup of tea/coffee



While searching for the right outfit, you should get hydrated. Your thoughts are clearer when your body receives the needed hydration. I love green tea, but every now and then I will enjoy a cup of black coffee – the smell of it is amazing!

#5. Search, search and search again!

Always have at least 30 minutes to choose the outfit, otherwise you will not leave your house in time.

#6. Make your morning smoothie



Every fashionista is known to have a green smoothie in the morning, for energy and vitamins. This is the easiest part, pick some greens, add an apple, or an orange, your favorite seeds and even protein powder – if you feel like – and voila, 3 minutes and it is done. Because I know you are almost late, you should add it to your fancy to go cup.

#7. Last minute touch-ups


Before you get out the door, make sure your hair is in place. Do that with your TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray (from your cool Target Box). Also, I know you want your makeup to last for hours, so I would advise you to use L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set – it really works! Last, but not least, some lipstick is required. I prefer my new one, from Maybelline, the Color Elixir Lip Color.

This is it, gorgeous; these are my 7 steps for a relaxed morning and a beautiful you (but keep in mind, beauty comes from within).

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