Spring 2015 Inspiration: The Khaki Trend

//Spring 2015 Inspiration: The Khaki Trend

The khaki trend has first hit the runway 40 years ago and ever since, it is still present on the runway, season after season, with a new feature. Khaki, in all its beautiful shades, from suede to the most darkest olive shade, is a unique colour on the runway and brings freshness to its audience.

Designers have embraced this trend, every one of them transforming it according to his/her own vision. The khaki shades on the runway present different styles, from the classic military style to modern safari or even glamorous safari, or to sheer touches of khaki. All of them can be seen on the runway, but the army style can be often seen on the streets and has nothing to do with the real army uniform. The real army uniform is the source of inspiration of today’s trend.

The Khaki Trend – Seen On The Runway

Karl Lagerfeld, in his Chanel Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection, has brought to life a modern protest vision, using some olive shaded outfits with golden sandals, inducing a more relaxed and  soft demonstration. 

Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear show was filled with sporty  looks and rather glamorous safari outfits: cargo pants, sheer pocket jackets, jumpsuits, two-piece suits and gowns. His safari style is elegant and adventurous and the functional looks went straight couture with the big earrings and necklaces or other embellishments that he used.


Frida Giannini’s Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection for Gucci was a mix of leather, denim, patchwork and military style. She accessorized the army style with printed sandals and boots, giving the boho style a touch of utility by adding a military inspired jacket to those denim jeans.

Tom Ford also added some military accents to his Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear Collection. He patchworked some pencil skirts with different shades of khaki and tucked a pair of khaki trousers in black boots. The fur coats used were interestingly combined with the whole outfits, in order to result the best army looks.


Marc Jacobs Adopted The Khaki Trend!

A fashion show that was all about the uniform was presented by none other than the famous Marc Jacobs during his Spring 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection. “Military clothes are part of the fashion vernacular now,” he added. It is said that this fashion show led the fashion world towards one of the hottest trends this season. Looks like the khaki trend has inspired the designer.

From desert sand to the darkest shade of olive, Marc Jacobs used them all! Belted, buttoned, pocketed...his military uniforms bring us everything we need to now about this trend. All the models had the same hair, a black wig, which indicates that in army, people are all the same, are not to be differentiated and they all fight the same battle. In this collection, his models were soldiers of fashion.

Khaki, buttons and pockets, structured shapes contribute to the definition of military chic style. A cool aspect of this trend is that khaki can be combined with all sorts of patterns, especially animal prints, or other textures. It acts as a neutral colour. 

The khaki military inspired jacket is one item that shouldn’t miss from your closet for the simple fact that it can be added to all types of looks, updating them. For the classic look, combine the jacket with a pair of jeans and a simple T-shirt. Or, for a more audacious look, wear a khaki jumpsuit or a dress. 

The military style trend is an adaptable one so it can be updated regarding the occasion. You can wear it at work or you can wear it at an elegant event. You just have to dare!

What are your thoughts on the khaki trend? Is khaki the color of the season?

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