How to Get Someone to Like You: 4 Painfully Practical Tips

//How to Get Someone to Like You: 4 Painfully Practical Tips
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Roughly 2 million couples are married every year in the United States. That number has gone down a little bit from the 1980s but is still pretty darn impressive.

Do you know what the vast majority of those wedded couples have in common? At some point, they had to get their partner to like them.

Oftentimes, the initial phase of trying to grab another person’s interest can be rather stressful. There are a lot of questions, a lot of things that come up that’ll make you self-conscious and more.

Below, we try to make getting your crush to like you as simple as possible by giving you some basic how to get someone to like you pointers!

1. Look Your Best

Whether we like to believe it or not, how you look and the person you’re interested in’s attraction to your look is going to have a massive impact on whether or not they start to like you.

We’re not advocating that you go overboard with changing your look to get someone’s attention. At the end of the day, the person you like should like you for you.

What we are saying is that you should brush your hair, throw on some nice clothes and practice solid hygiene in order to showcase you at your best!

2. Be Present

You’ll find that if you’re one of the most prominent figures in another person’s life, naturally, they’ll consider the possibility of dating you.

That statement assumes of course that the person you’re interested in is open to dating and is attracted to your sex.

Being present doesn’t need to be difficult or intrusive. Just do simple things like asking the person you’re interested in to help you with something or inviting them out to lunch.

Small, friendly gestures can eventually pave the way twoards a deeper relationship.

3. Ask The Right Questions

People love talking about themselves. It makes them feel important and makes them feel like the person they’re talking to is genuinely interested in them.

That’s why this how to get someone to like you point is such an important one!

To inspire those positive feelings in the person that you’re interested in and to keep conversations from going stale, check out websites like or talk to friends to come up with some go-to questions that you’ll ask the person you’re interested in when you’re out and about.

It may seem non-genuine, but you’d be surprised how far preparation can get you with a potential significant other.

4. Let Them Know You’re Interested… Eventually

Don’t be that person that never lands the girl or guy because they never let them know expressly that they were interested.

After laying ample groundwork and after you suspect that there might be a possibility that the person you like is interested in you, tell them how you feel.

Sure, you might get rejected. But you might also not get rejected. The possibility of success is more than worth risking being turned down.

Wrapping Up How to Get Someone to Like You

How to get someone to like you comes down to being your best self, being present and expressing interest. After you’ve done that, you just have to wait to see where things land.

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