How to Dress Confidently While Looking Stylish: A Guide for Ladies

//How to Dress Confidently While Looking Stylish: A Guide for Ladies
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Do you consider yourself fashion-forward? Are you a girl on the go who loves to follow all of the latest trends?

Do you actually feel confident in those clothes? 

Just because something is on-trend doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. Part of finding the perfect wardrobe is finding something that’s comfortable and aligns with your personality (and when we say comfortable, we don’t mean sweats!). 

If you’re not sure how to dress for your personal taste or comfort, you’re not alone. Following the trends of common fast fashion shops could lead you to buy trendy clothing that just isn’t up your alley.

So how do we fix that? 

If you want to learn how to find your personal fashion taste, keep reading. Here are a few tips for dressing confidently and rocking your personal style. 

Analyze Your Body Type

Sometimes we’re put in boxes based on really broad aspects of our bodies. With women’s clothing especially, we often see pants, dresses, and other clothes with sizes that don’t mean much due to inconsistency

Sometimes you can get the right size but it looks totally different on you than it did on the model or mannequin even if you’re wearing the same measurements! What’s up with that?

Body shapes are all different. What works on a size 6 model or your size 6 friend might look totally misshapen on your size 6 self. 

Rather than just picking out whatever fits, take a look at your actual body type first. What is your overall shape

If you can figure that out, you might be able to start developing a wardrobe that flatters the areas that you want to either hide or show off. 

Do you have an “hourglass” shape? Smock dresses might feel bulky on you even when they look great on your more “rectangle” shaped friend. 

This isn’t to say that any type of body can’t wear any outfit. They can! But if you’re feeling like your clothes just don’t fit right or make you feel good, starting from the angle of dressing “for your body” can help.

Skip the Trends

for many fashionistas, this might be a horrific thought. 

Skip the trends? But how can I keep up in the fashion world? 

You don’t need to follow fast fashion trends to dress stylishly, and you’ll be better off avoiding the ones that don’t match your vibe. Fast fashion is made to encourage overspending and excess. The clothes typically aren’t great quality and they’re meant to be worn for one fashion season.

Instead, invest in some vintage or timeless pieces for your staples. 

They’re typically made with higher quality and you may find things that aren’t currently popular that really suit your style. 

Check vintage stores to see if you can find a few pieces that make you feel good. They can blend with your more trendy clothing, but you’ll end up having a totally unique look!

Why follow trends when you can set and subvert them?

Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Is your style a little bit different? Are you quirky? Maybe you follow styles that aren’t socially acceptable in the workplace or walking around town so you’ve had to conform. 

Instead of conforming completely, try incorporating the things that you like into your fashion in more subtle ways.

While we encourage going all out and letting your fashion flag fly, not everyone has built that level of confidence yet. that’s okay! 

How can you make things work without having them totally overwhelm your day-to-day looks? 

Consider incorporating one or two pieces under a blazer or sweater. You can also use parts of your favorite trend as statement pieces. 

For example, going all out with Japanese Harajuku styles might not be achievable if you don’t want to get too many looks, but incorporating themed hairclips, backpacks, or stockings in an otherwise “acceptable” outfit can bring you a little bit of joy. 

You can express yourself while being work-friendly. 

Don’t Skip Out on Comfort

Some clothes are straight-up uncomfortable. We get it!

There are skirts that pinch, pants that are just a bit too stiff, and dresses that have itchy liners. 

Sometimes uncomfy clothes are necessary, but don’t let yourself miss out on your cozy and comfy wellbeing all the time. 

If you want to rock a tank top and comfy pants, you can, as long as you do it with style. 

Luckily, tee shirts, leggings, and other leisure styles (shop apparel here if this is down your alley) are in right now, but that might not help you in more professional settings. 

Try getting clothes that are breathable. If you wear a blazer to work, wear a plain and comfortable tee or tank beneath it. See if anyone at the office notices that your pants are made of a soft and flowy material instead of that rough business suit fabric (you know the one, ouch!).

Make sure that things are fitting you well and that nothing is digging into your skin. When you undress at night, where do you see imprints on your body? Look to those areas first when you’re considering a wardrobe shift.

Do You Know How to Dress for Your Best Style?

Knowing how to dress in a way that makes you comfortable can be the difference between being confident in your fashion and feeling like a kid wearing their parent’s clothes for dress-up. 

Don’t worry about what’s trending. Clothes should represent you. You don’t have to represent whatever brand that’s trying to start a new and shortlived trend. 

You can unleash your inner fashionista. It’s time to take a good look at your closet and get started!

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