How to Dress Vintage: 10 Tips for Getting a Vintage Look

//How to Dress Vintage: 10 Tips for Getting a Vintage Look
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Have you ever went shopping and felt unimpressed by the clothing? Or maybe you feel like all of your outfits make you look like everyone else.

Whatever the case, deciding to wear retro-style clothing is the first step to spicing up your wardrobe. One thing’s for sure, the fashionistas before you had some pretty amazing style. Even with reaching back in the past for outfit inspiration, you’re bound to look good.

If you’re curious about how to dress vintage and pull it off like a pro, check out the information below.

What Is Vintage Clothing?

The word vintage is used to describe an old-school style of dress. For instance, in the 50s they wore poodle skirts, so that would be considered vintage. But as you may have noticed, fashion has a way of repeating itself, so nothing ever really goes out of style.

Plus, in today’s age, clothing styles are more about individuality and expressing your personality through your wardrobe. So in actuality, putting on something vintage is actually cool. It allows you to stand out from everyone else.

However, if you overdo it, you may walk down the street looking as if you’re dressed for Halloween. While it’s nice to stand out, do it tastefully. Here’s how to make your vintage clothing look amazing.

1. Mix the Old With the New

Let’s say you want to go 70s retro style and you’re in the mood for bell-bottom jeans. That’s absolutely fine, and you’ll most likely rock it.

But if you don’t want to look like an extra from That 70’s Show, you can pair the bell bottoms with a crop top or a chic Blazer. That way, you can wear clothes that look vintage without overdoing it.

2. Pay Homage to the Past

Dressing vintage doesn’t mean your clothes have to come from a consignment shop. Something as simple as wearing vintage graphic t-shirts can do the trick.

For instance, a shirt with a picture of Dolly Parton on it shows that you’re in touch with the past, but enjoying the present.

3. Wear Modern Make Up

So, you buy this gorgeous vintage-style shirt with shoulder pads. Of course, shoulder pads are no longer “in” these days, but you’re daring enough to wear it anyway. That’s fine, but you can always smooth the shock of your outfit with makeup.

You don’t have to wear the same type of cosmetics that they had back in the day when shoulder pads were in. You can do a gorgeous smokey eye or cat-eye to blend both eras together.

4. Buy Vintage Clothing That Looks Modern

As previously stated, past looks never go out of style or they become trendy again. When that happens, it’s the perfect time to get in a retro look while also staying on-trend. Don’t hold back. Go all out with it!

5. Mix and Match Eras

Dressing vintage is all about having fun and there are no rules. No one said you have to stick to just one era in time. So if you find something from the 60s that you think matches well with a piece from the 90s, go for it.

6. Wear Modern Accessories

Another cool way to switch up your vintage style is by wearing modern jewelry. It’s a great way to pair two fashion statements together. Adding today’s trend of shoes, sunglasses, and bags helps to individualize your vintage look.

For example, pairing hoop earrings with a beret would look amazing.

7. Have a Modern Day Hairstyle

Just because your outfit is from the sixties doesn’t mean you have to wear a beehive hairstyle to match. You can wear long straight hair, a sleek bob, or soft wand curls. Doing so provides the perfect blend of old and new.

8. Don’t Worry About the Label

In today’s time, fancy labels aren’t that big of a deal. So many people nowadays wear clothes from thrift stores and DIY their wardrobes. So when it comes to your vintage look, don’t get caught up in popular brands.

There are several places where you can shop affordable and find some really cute vintage clothing. If you’re worried about the label, you might miss out on some pretty awesome outfits.

9. Wear Your Confidence

You really can’t wear vintage clothing without confidence. When you walk out of the house, you need to feel good and be sure of yourself.

While walking down the street, your mindset should be, “Yes I know what I’m wearing, and yes I think it looks good”. Vintage style is for people who aren’t afraid to step out of the box.

10. Wear What You Want

It’s important to note that wearing clothes that look vintage is all about having fun. Although these tips are meant to help you with your style, you’re free to dress any way you like. If that means you look like you’re wearing a costume, it’s okay.

How to Dress Vintage: A New You

Let’s reiterate the fact that everyone doesn’t have the “umph” to wear vintage style. It really requires boldness to pull it off. But as long as you put on your confidence first, you’re guaranteed to rock it!

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