How to Downsize and Simplify Your Life for a Tiny Home

//How to Downsize and Simplify Your Life for a Tiny Home
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Did you know that a messy home can affect your mental health?

Are you looking at moving into a tiny home but need to get rid of excess stuff? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to downsize and simplify your life.

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Clear out Your Kitchen

Most kitchens overflow with extra gizmos and tools for every possible task. Are your cabinets and drawers full of items that you don’t use on a regular basis?

Get rid of any appliances that only do one thing. For example, donate your yogurt machine, waffle iron, ice cream maker, and rice cooker.

Next, tackle any duplicate items. You don’t need three spatulas or two crockpots. Keep the same mindset when getting rid of other appliances. You don’t need a cappuccino maker, coffee grinder, and two coffee makers.

Sort Your Living Room

It’s easy to accumulate tons of video games, music, books, and DVDs. If you aren’t careful, you could have hundreds of these items.

Decide which ones you use often. Give away or sell those that you don’t use, and consider going digital instead.

You can buy your movies and music on iTunes. You can download video games onto your gaming system or computer. Buy your books on Kindle or install the Kindle app onto your phone.

Stay up to date with your favorite things without accumulating all the bulk and mess.

Organizing the Bathroom

Throw away old bottles of shampoo, lotions, and expired prescriptions. Get rid of older makeup brushes and products. If there are some vitamins or medicines in your cabinet that you don’t use anymore, toss them.

Donate brand new conditioner, shower gel, or cosmetic items to a local shelter. Try and clear out items you don’t often use, like straightening irons or curling irons.

Tackling the Bedroom

Most of the time, the largest item to downsize is the closet. We tend to wear a limited amount of items from our wardrobe. You’ll notice when you do laundry this week. Are most of the items the same from the previous week?

Donate clothes that are too big or small for you. Throw away shoes that are falling apart and clothes with stains. If you haven’t worn some items for months, donate them. Get rid of duplicate items.

Try not to get too nostalgic as you work through your closet. If you’re not wearing it on a regular basis, it’s time to go.

When working through the rest of the house, ask yourself if you need the item or if you use it often.

Once you have decluttered your rooms, aim to sell your house fast.

How to Downsize and Simplify Your Life

We hope you found this article on preparing for a tiny home helpful. Learning how to downsize and simplify your life will help you transition into your new home.

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