How to Be a Good Salesperson: Tips for Women in Sales

//How to Be a Good Salesperson: Tips for Women in Sales
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Women make up 41% of the active workforce. In the sales industry, women make up 39% of the workforce.

While it may seem like 39% is a good percentage of the sales workforce, the percentage decreases as the job seniority level increases. While 47% of women make up entry-level sales jobs, only 30% hold management positions and only 21% have VP-level jobs.

If you’re a woman in sales, and you want to learn how to be a good salesperson, this article is for you. Read on to learn the top sales tips for success.

Why Do We Need More Women in Sales?

Diversity in the workplace is a competitive advantage.

According to McKinsey & Company, gender diverse companies in the top quartile have a 15% higher chance of getting higher financial returns. Moreover, companies that are less gender, racial, and ethnically diverse earn less financial returns. Also, research shows that in the United Kingdom, higher gender diversity correlated with an increase in earnings before interest and tax.

Not only does the data prove a correlation between gender diversity and increased company earnings, but women also statistically perform better than men in sales.

According to research, 70% of women met their sales quotas compared to 67% of men in sales jobs. Moreover, women were 67% effective in sales leadership positions than compared to men who were 63% effective.

Tips for How to Be a Good Salesperson

Unfortunately, sales positions are traditionally stereotyped as cutthroat, male-dominated jobs.

Many job descriptions describe the ideal candidate with primarily masculine descriptions and some jobs even want candidates that have participated in competitive sports.

However, women are just as successful, if not more successful, than men in sales. What makes a good salesperson? Read on for our top tips and advice.

Project Confidence

The number one advice for women in sales is to be confident about your abilities. If learning how to be confident means looking in the mirror every day and telling yourself I am a confident woman, then go for it.

When you meet a client, clearly introduce yourself and firmly shake their hand. When joining a meeting, sit up front and center. Sit with your back upright and your head up high. Remind yourself that you are meeting a client because they want to hear what you have to say.

If you consider yourself an equal among a room full of men, then everyone else will see that too and won’t be quick to dismiss you. You can even consider wearing a lanyard with your name on it, like ones from The Lanyards Factory, to ensure that no one forgets your name.

If you want your clients to believe that you are a great salesperson, then you have to believe it too. You have to be sure of yourself and of what you’re selling.

Get to Know Your Product

In order to be sure of yourself, you need to get to know your product and know why you’re selling it.

Do some research about your products. Think about what problems it can solve. Write down the main selling points. Tell your client how your product can improve their life.

If possible, use the product yourself regularly so that you can know the ins and outs of it.

Get to Know Your Customer

Along with knowing your product, you need to know who you are selling to. One suggestion is to create a buyer persona to better understand your customers.

A buyer persona is a reflection of your ideal customer. You can create a persona by gathering research and data about potential buyers. You can do this through market research such as interviews or surveys.

Depending on your product, you may have several different buyer personas. Buyer personas allow you to tailor your sales message.

Another way to get to know your customer is to build a relationship with them. Ask questions and listen to what they have to say. See what problems they come across. Help them find solutions to their problems.

Prepare in Advance

For some, the sales process may not come naturally. That’s why preparing your pitch in advance gives you an advantage and makes you comfortable for the real thing.

You don’t need to memorize your sales pitch. You should, however, practice speaking clearly and concisely. If you’re meeting a new client, do some research and prepare talking points.

Consider what objections a client may have. Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself why you wouldn’t want to buy your product. That way, you can formulate responses and speak to clients in an empathetic manner.

Don’t Try to Sell like a Man

Don’t try to be the salesperson you think you need to be. Instead, use your strengths as a woman and be yourself.

Think about your strongest qualities. How can you use these qualities to your advantage when selling products? If you’re a great listener, listen to your client. If you’re funny, use jokes to break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Don’t Listen to the Negativity

Don’t give in and listen to the negativity. The truth is, you are just as qualified to sell a product as anyone else.

Additional Tips for Working in Sales

Our final tip for how to be a good salesperson: Don’t let mistakes or failure bring you down. If you make a mistake, treat it as a learning experience and as an opportunity to become a better salesperson from it.

To be happy at work, you should be your most authentic self and create your unique selling style. Once you understand yourself and believe in yourself, you will have a greater chance of being a successful salesperson.

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