How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in the Winter?

//How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in the Winter?
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Many people take pride in their lawns, so it’s no wonder that grass is the most popular crop in the United States.

Spring and summer are the peak lawn care seasons, but what are the best methods for winter lawn care? Although winter is the time that most plants go dormant, your grass still needs a little TLC to be at its best. Depending on certain environmental factors, you might need to water more (or less) than you normally would.

Read on to learn more about winter lawn care and how often you should water your lawn in the winter.

The Basics of Winter Lawn Care

Your lawn won’t need as much attention during the winter months, but preparing your lawn for the winter is still important. By keeping your lawn healthy before temperatures drop, you’ll help ensure it comes back healthy for the spring.

Aerating Your Lawn Before Frost

The first step in winter lawn care is aerating it right before the frost. You can use an aerating tool or even aeration shoes to aerate your lawn and prep it for fertilizer.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Once you’ve aerated your lawn before the frost, it’s a good idea to follow up with a good fertilizer. Fertilizing your lawn before the winter helps it absorb nutrients all season long.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn?

So, how often should you water your lawn to prepare it for the winter? GLC Property Maintenance Services suggests watering your lawn at least 3-4 times a week in the summer and autumn months. That way, you can keep it thick and healthy.

Other Tips for Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

Aerating and fertilizing prepares your lawn to absorb nutrients and return healthy in the spring, but there are other things to keep in mind.

Here are a few more tips for preparing your lawn for the winter:

  • Avoid any foot traffic on your lawn over the winter
  • Keep pathways clear of ice so no one will need to walk over the lawn
  • Clear all leaves and debris before the first frost

By taking care of your lawn before and during winter, you’ll be prepping it for a healthy spring.

How Often Should You Water Your Lawn in the Winter?

Now that we’ve covered basic winter lawn care, how often should you water your lawn in the winter?

If you live in a region where the temperatures drop below freezing in the winter, then watering your lawn is unnecessary in the winter.

Instead, be sure to aerate your lawn before the first day of frost, followed by a good fertilizer. These will form a protective layer over your lawn, helping it grow lush, green grass once springtime comes.

Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter

So, how often should you water your lawn in the winter and how should you care for it?

Winter lawn care is all about preparation for the colder months. By caring for your lawn before the first frost, you’ll be ensuring a healthy lawn come spring. Now that you know more about winter lawn care, you’ll be ready to keep your lawn healthy year-round.

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