How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? A Simple Price Guide

//How Much Does Tree Removal Cost? A Simple Price Guide
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There’s an old tree that’s out in your yard, and it’s leaning at an odd angle. You don’t want to tear it down, but you’re starting to worry about what will happen if it falls over.

If it does fall, will it hit the house? Will it knock down other trees that will fall on your car?

It might be time to remove that tree from your yard. But tree removal is not your area of expertise, so it’s probably wiser to hire somebody to remove the tree for you.

So, if you’ve decided on a tree removal project, you’re probably asking several questions, including “How much does tree removal cost?” Keep reading for your guide for removing a tree.

Reasons for Tree Removal

There are several reasons you may consider removing a tree from your yard. Most of the reasons take into account the threat of a tree falling on a nearby house, car, person, or other structure.

Some reasons to consider removing a tree is if it is dead, or if it is partially dead. For a large tree, dead branches could come crashing down without warning.

Heavy storms can also damage parts of a tree beyond repair so that it is no longer safe to leave the tree standing any longer.

Or, in anticipation of a storm, you may choose to take down trees to prevent any potential damage from branches or trees that get blown over from the wind or rain.

Hire a Professional for Tree Removal

Out of all the DIY yard projects that you can manage to do yourself, tree removal is not one of them.

Proper and safe tree removal often requires lots of equipment and training that can’t be found on the internet or at your local hardware store. But if you click here, you can find a quality service for all your tree removal needs.

A typical tree removal project will often include chainsaws and cranes. It may also involve climbers in harnesses scaling the tree on ropes to prune branches and limbs prior to taking the tree down.

There may also be other obstacles like rocks, neighboring houses, or other trees that impede the ease of tree removal.

These are just a few considerations that tree removal companies take into account when planning to remove a tree, and they often need a license to remove any trees as well.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost

The cost to remove a tree will vary based on many factors. There will be certain base rates dependent on various circumstances surrounding the tree removal.

Many tree removal companies will also charge a rate per foot of tree height.

Other factors that affect the price will be other obstacles that need to be avoided in taking down the tree, the overall size of the tree, and tree removal emergencies.

If there is a time constraint for removing a tree, it will cost you extra to speed up the process. These emergency cases usually include when a tree has fallen on your house or on a person and needs to be removed immediately.

Tree Removal Decisions

The cost to remove a tree depends on many things, but if it is important to remove the tree, especially for safety reasons, it will be worth it in the end.

Consider all of the factors and risks that the tree in question poses to your home and the surrounding trees. Then consider your question, “How much does tree removal cost?”

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